11:00 am  Registration (volunteer team of teachers will help with the logistics)

1:00 pm  Opening presentation: Mark Lund

Mark, a Graded alumnus, has been working with the teaching of both conventional and social entrepreneurship for the past 15 years.  His 25 years of entrepreneurial experience setting up his own companies are the credentials that have led to his work with Babson College, Harvard University, FGV, and other institutions.  He designed and led the 2015 Start Up Stay Up (put link to video here) and tapped his network of renowned social entrepreneurs to bring in inspiring speakers, mentors, and a team of professional venture capitalist evaluators to help with the student’s projects.     


2:00 pm  AVANTE Presentation by founder Bernardo Bonjean.  Avante is an outstanding micro-loan institution that has distributed R$120 million in financial solutions to more than 27,000 Brazilian micro-entrepreneurs.

3:00 pm  Trip to AVANTE

4:30 pm  Closing remarks about AVANTE by Bernardo Bonjean

5:00 pm  MIRATUS BADMINTON Presentation by founder Sebastião Oliveira.  Sebastião set up Miratus to offer children of the Chacrinha community near Jacarepaguá, Rio de Janeiro, a chance to change their lives through badminton. His operation has been so successful that this center, which he built with his own resources in 2000, has worked with nearly 3,000 children.  Through the children from this one community, Miratus has won 23 Pan American gold medals, 34 South American gold medals, three European titles, and produced the two athletes that played for Brazil in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Sebastião’s success has been reported on by the Washington Post and filmed by the New York Times.

7:00 pm   DINNER

8:00 pm   Film screening of WHO CARES (Quem Se Importa)

The 93-minute documentary is one of the best-known, most notable films covering social entrepreneurship endeavors from all around the world.  Award-winning director Mara Mourão will join us for a Q&A session after the showing.  This event will be open to visiting teachers as well.





8:30 am  Presentations by students who have founded and are currently running their own social enterprises

10:00 am  Before the groups break off to formulate and structure their projected idea

12:30 pm  Lunch

1:30 pm  Mentors from various successful social NGOs will meet with groups to discuss the aspects of each group’s project that might need revision

3:00 pm  A quick look at how PowerPoint is best used in pitches

3:30 pm  Each group begins work on consolidating its project and preparing its pitch

7:00 pm  Dinner

8:00 pm  Each group finalizes and rehearses its pitches





9:00 pm  Each group presents its project to a panel formed by professional venture capital investment appraisers

Feedback from the venture capital panel

Mutual Fun…. Investment voting on the students’ favorite projects. “Mutual Fun” is a concept used by a company called Rite-Solutions, whereby all collaborators are given “fun money”’ to select and “invest in” the projects they believe will be the most likely to succeed.

12:00 pm Diploma Ceremony

Presentation of Start Up Stay Up at the INNOVATE general gathering of visiting teachers.  Three students will be asked to stay on to deliver two-minute presentations about their Start Up Stay Up experience.


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