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The "Out of the Box" stream of presenters at Innovate2017 provides a chance for educators to transform their practice through an expanded understanding of current innovation in the world - within and beyond education. These presenters span diverse fields of knowledge and expertise and can provide insights on topics that have a significant impact on current and future approaches to teaching & learning. Each of these presentations will incite collaborative discussions among teachers and seek to articulate concrete ways that educators can immediately apply their concepts.


Marcelo Csermak - Ph.D. in Psychobiology (UNIFESP), Director of Metta Leaders & Health

Marcelo is a renowned lecturer on Neuroscience and Meditation, Behavioral-Mindful Leadership, and its various applications, in health, behavior, nutrition, education and in corporations - lecturing on managing stress, anxiety, and quality of life and soul. Over the past decade, training in mindfulness meditation- also defined as the intentional cultivation of a present moment in a non-judgmental way, focusing on attention and awareness—has spread from its initial western applications in medicine to other fields, including education. Although the term mindfulness is relatively new to public education, the idea and value of training the mind to pay attention on purpose, moment to moment has been recognized for centuries among many cultures. Mindfulness provides the optimal conditions for learning and teaching and also supports all pedagogical approaches. This presentation will explore ways of integrating the discipline of mindfulness into the education field for the benefit of both students’ as well as teachers’ physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. 


Kip Garland - InnovationSEED

This presentation will focus on the application of the theories, principles, and approaches to disruptive innovation as applied to the learning context. Kip Garland has applied techniques he has successfully employed in private sector enterprises in order to innovate education. In this session, we will concentrate on gaining a fundamental understanding of disruptive innovation and the implications for education. Kip Garland started his career as a high school physics teacher and has gone on to become a renowned global innovation consultant. Kip led the Latin American implementation of one of the most successful innovation transformation projects in the corporate context- Whirlpool Corporation (“Changes at Whirlpool Corporation” - Harvard Business School Cases HBS 9-705-463-A / B / C). Since then he has turned his attention to innovation in education, having done important innovation projects for the Instituto Ayrton Senna, Fundacao Lemann, and the Fundacao Dom Cabral.


Claudio Sassaki - Geekie CEO and Founder

This presentation will focus on the application of theories and approaches to personalized learning to increase engagement and learning outcomes. In this session, we will concentrate on main lessons, dos and don'ts, the role of technology and practical advice on implementing blended and personalized learning practices. As co-founder and CEO of Geekie, the leading adaptive and personalized learning solutions in Brazil, Claudio Sassaki has worked extensively with students, schools, and districts to design and implement personalized learning strategies. In 2016, Geekie has impacted more than 5 million students from 5,000 schools across the country. Sassaki graduated from Stanford University, with a Masters degree in Education and an MBA. He is an Endeavor Entrepreneur, Schwab Foundation Social Innovation Fellow, Wired Magazine Innovation Fellow, Trip Transformador and Folha de São Paulo Social Entrepreneur. Sassaki is a guest writer and speaker for a series of vehicles and events, such as TEDx, the World Economic Forum, Harvard's Global Education Conference, SXWEdu, Nova Escola and Trip magazines. He loves sports and lives in São Paulo with his wife, Maure, and four children.


Sidd Partha - Magnet Brasil

Sidd is the CEO of Magnet Brasil, a facial recognition company. He has always worked in the field of innovative technologies focusing on multiple industries. His expertise has been on engaging people with the use of technology. His current company uses disruptive technology to engage people via facial recognition, and its uses can be seen in multiple industries including education, retail, security, and more. Sidd has was also a management consultant focused on disruptive technologies and has worked in multiple countries including the US, the UK, Singapore, India and now Brazil. Sidd graduated from the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, and is an involved parent that likes to see technology used in schools.  Sidd will present about the future of Artificial Intelligence and Facial Recognition, and its influx into mainstream industries including education. The presentation will bring to light on how these types of technologies are changing the way we learn, the way we gather knowledge and the way we engage people.


Projeto Âncora: Communities of Learning -  Anderson Portilho E. da Silva

Anderson Portilho E. da Silva is an Environmental Engineer, an active participant in national study circles on democratic education and an educator at “Projeto Âncora, an institution that in 2012 inaugurated an elementary school with an innovative educational philosophy, implementing an organizational model of democratic management and a reorganization of traditional educational structures. “Projeto Âncora” is a Social Development Association, that is nonprofit, charitable, philanthropic and cultural, with the challenge of improving the reality of low income children and adolescents through experiences that complement school education. In 2017, it also offered high school and was recognized by MEC as one of the 178 legal, innovative and creative institutions in Brazil.


Escola Nave - Fabio Meirelles, Education Coordinator for Oi Futuro

Fabio Meirelles is the Education Coordinator for Oi Futuro, a social responsibility institute that created NAVE - Advanced Nucleus in Education, 10 years ago. NAVE is an innovative public school that, in partnership with the Education Departments of Pernambuco and Rio de Janeiro, has the mission of placing technology at the service of a holistic education that is also focused on citizenship, strengthening and connecting young people to transform the world they live in. Integrated secondary schools combine the regular curriculum with the technical curriculum through new technologies. At NAVE, young people are prepared for jobs of the moment - in the games, programming, multimedia and audiovisual industries - and are strengthened as conscious, cooperative and transforming citizens. \


Nicolas Salto del Giorgio - Athie Wohnrath, Design and Innovation Director

In a rapidly changing society, where technology is modifying the way we live, learn work and play, we have an extended responsibility as designers and architects to redefine the meaning and morphology of learning spaces. The boundary between academic and working environments is blurring, as we are moving to a more shared, flexible, project-based, collaborative, and technological society. “People work the way they learn to learn.” We need to set the basis of a new generation of learning spaces where students and teachers will find an engaging platform to share knowledge. The space acts as one more teacher, reflecting and adapting to the pedagogical needs. Through the analysis of some of our cases, we will explain how pedagogy can morph spaces, and how building, technological and architectural techniques can respond to a changing academic world. The design process becomes as important as the final result: we will also explain how the design thinking and programming processes work and how they are driven through the collaboration of the design and the pedagogic teams.


Burt O Graphy

Burt Sun began his career as a multi-media artist working in advertising and developed his work in graphic design, film, television, photography, installations, theatre, commercial campaigns, interactive and digital mediums. He has produced numerous original media projects that combine creative ideas and marketing strategies, attesting to his abilities to cross the borders of commercial and fine art. Burt's photography work has been exhibited throughout the United States, Europe, and Central America. He was recognized by Copper Hewitt, Museum of Smithsonian Institute, in 2001. Burt has also produced, directed, and designed various films, television and documentary projects for both independent and commercial entities. He has worked as a media consultant to many important cultural institutions, such as American Repertory Theatre at Harvard University, Howard Huges Institute at Duke University, and the Chicago Field Museum. Currently, he serves as the creative director in media communication for Opera Boston.  At Innovate2017, Burt will be discussing his recent project and how it works with community to address social issues in innovative ways.

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