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Alan November -
As our schools and universities prepare students to make a contribution to the world, it is important to benchmark the emerging critical skills they will need to solve increasingly complex problems. As we accelerate the speed of moving data and communications around the world, one strategic skill emerges that we traditionally have not taught: global empathy.
Dr. David Conley -
Few people overtly object to the idea that students should understand what they are learning at a deep level so that they might retain and use the knowledge and skills they are taught. To do so, however, almost always requires students to spend more time on a topic or concept.
Virginia Rojas -
Watch a video of Dr. Virginia Rojas talking about Identities of Competence.
Alan November -
Showing teachers how to use the technology itself—what buttons to push, what features to use—isn't the real challenge in ed-tech professional development. The real challenge is helping teachers understand their students' expectations and motivation and behavior and lack of knowledge around basic technical skills that are often over estimated. Involving your students in ed-tech professional development can be very powerful. Here are three ideas for doing this effectively.
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