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Request for Proposal

Request for proposals deadline extended until further notice. Any proposals coming from presenters outside of Brazil will be reviewed on a rolling basis due to visa requirements.

"Innovation starts at the point when a critical mass of people are sufficiently motivated to initiate change that the inertia of not changing is overcome."  (Graff, 1997)

The Graded Innovate Conference is an opportunity for international educators to come together to ignite and inspire groups of educators and administrators to build critical mass around innovative ideas.  We are looking for proposals that provide roadmaps to transformation.  

The following strands are especially encouraged:

Classroom Strand: Innovating Instruction and Assessment 
Reimagining the way learning is facilitated through research-based strategies.

Student Strand: Engaging Students  
Involving all learners, empowering students to be accountable to their own learning journey, and creating supportive and inclusive environments.

Leadership Strand: Igniting Leadership 
Developing leaders and creating effective missions, schools, and systems.

Educator Strand: Transforming our Profession
Creating better ways of coaching, collaborating, and interacting to improve and innovate our profession and practice.  


• Indicate the type of session format for which you are submitting a proposal:

1. Interactive Professional Learning:  the session actively engages participants around a question or issue.  This type of session includes a research basis and involves collaborative discussions and/or interaction.   Participants should leave the professional learning with a plan on how to implement the new learning.  

2. Experimenting and Practicing Professional Learning:  the session activities engages participants to use and apply knowledge in a practical way. This type of session provides an opportunity for participants to practice and involve themselves in new behaviors and skills. For example, presenters may propose to engage with students in classrooms and demonstrate a skill.  Other options may include the use of a video to demonstrate the practice followed up by discussion/roleplay of the participants.

3. Reflecting Professional Learning:  the session facilitator sparks a topic and then leads to participant-driven models of learning.   A proposal for a reflection session would be around a specific topic or skill, include the frame for facilitation and identify a way to engage participants collaboratively.  

• Proposals can be a total of 60 minutes, 90 or 120 minutes.  For all proposals, a minimum of 15 minutes must be incorporated for discussion and interaction.  Presenters should not be “talking heads” but rather allow sufficient time for adequate discussion and exchange between all in attendance.

• We will give preference to sessions that include multiple perspectives, for example, student perspectives, ELL/EAL, inclusive education, home country, etc.

• Sessions should focus on lessons learned, challenges and issues encountered and how those were addressed. Sessions should not be a “show and tell” of a program.


A. Identification and biography

  • Session Title, Abstract, and Full Description (see note below) **
  • Name, Contact Details  (e.g,, email address, social media contacts, blog links, etc.), and Biography
  • Conference strand category 
  • Audio-visual needs

B. Full Session Description

Detailed description of your proposed session with a maximum of 500 words. Indicate the language of your presentation. Note that session proposals must be submitted in English.

Full Session Descriptions should include:

  • The goals of the session as well as the methodologies that will be used to reach those goals.
  • The strand for which this session applies.
  • A description of how participants’ learning can be immediately applied; tangible applications.
  • A session content outline which describes: challenges faced, successes and failures, lessons learned, etc.
  • If more than one presenter, an explanation of what each presenter’s role will be.
  • Details about how students will be involved (if applicable).
  • Please be as complete as possible and remember that the content needs to have wide applicability and address multiple perspectives.


  • Should the proposal be selected, the abstract and bios submitted will be printed in the conference program exactly as submitted.
  • Abstract and bios of Portuguese and/or Spanish proposals should be submitted in both English and the language of the presentation.   
  • Please pay very careful attention to the exact format, language, and word limitation required: no more than 75 words each  (for each language) for the abstract and for the bio.
  • Biographies may include presenter's positions and major work accomplishments relevant to the presenter’s session topic.
  • The biography should be written in the third person and consist of full sentences.
  • Bios that do not conform to the sample format will not be included in the conference program.
  • Proposals must be complete at the time of submission, It is not sufficient to note “information to be added later.” Incomplete proposals will not be considered in the review process.
  • Proposals submitted without an abstract, full description, or complete bio information on all presenters listed will not be considered.



Online proposal fields must be complete in order to continue with the proposal submission. If you are unable to continue with the submission, it may be that you did not provide the information required. You will know your submission was successful when you receive an electronic acknowledgment. If you do not receive this acknowledgment, please submit your proposal again.

If you encounter technical difficulties, please email for guidance.

Submit a Proposal » 


Proposals will be reviewed by the Innovate Task Force and evaluated with the following criteria foremost:

  • Connection and applicability to the conference strands
  • Innovation and quality of the proposed session
  • Relevance to international audiences
  • Presence of multiple perspectives
  • Realistic allocation of time, including for discussion and interaction
  • Substantive issues discussed during the session (note again that sessions should not promote marketed products, programs, or services in any way)

Session proposals should NOT be a “show and tell” but rather a focus on challenges, trends, research-based and lessons learned, with ample time for discussion.

The task force will have to choose among many proposals, some of which may be similar, and will seek balance among topics and areas of importance to the membership. Proposals of equal merit cannot in all instances be selected when the result would be an imbalance in the conference’s overall coverage of topics and audiences.



When will I hear about whether my proposal is accepted or not?
You will be informed of acceptance by August 30, 2017, if not sooner, regarding the status of your proposal.

How are the proposals reviewed?
Members of the Innovate Task Force will review proposals. There are at least 3 readers on each proposal.

Can I request a specific date or time for my session?
No, due to the complexities in conference scheduling, Graded is, unfortunately, unable to accommodate specific requests for session scheduling.  Please make sure you and your presenters are available for the entire conference.  If selected, session chairs will be notified of the session date and time in August 2017.

Do presenters receive a discount in conference registration fees?
No, there is no discount in conference registration fees for presenters.

If I am using electronic presentations,  am I required to bring my own computer?
Yes, you will need to provide your own laptop.  We also advise bringing appropriate cables/adaptors.  Most of our rooms are equipped with Apple TV, so you will have an option to connect wirelessly.  We will only have a limited number of cables/adaptors available.

If I have handouts, am I required to bring copies to the conference?
We recommend that all handouts be electronic; however, if you are using hard copies, you should bring at least 50 copies of your handouts to the conference.



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