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Alan November

Alan November is an international leader in education technology. He began his career as an oceanography teacher and dorm counselor at an island reform school for boys in Boston Harbor. He has been director of an alternative high school, computer coordinator, technology consultant, and university lecturer. He has helped schools, governments, and industry leaders improve the quality of education through technology.

Audiences enjoy Alan's humor and wit as he pushes the boundaries of how to improve teaching and learning. His areas of expertise include planning across curriculum, staff development, new school design, community building and leadership development. He has delivered keynotes and workshops in all fifty states, across Canada, and throughout the UK, Europe, Asia, and Central America.

Alan was named one of the nation’s fifteen most influential thinkers of the decade by Tech and Learning magazine. His writing includes numerous articles and best-selling books.   Alan’s most recent book “Who Owns the Learning?” is on the New York Times education best sellers list for 2013. Alan was a co-founder of the Stanford Institute for Educational Leadership Through Technology and is most proud of being selected as one of the original five national Christa McAuliffe Educators.

Each summer Alan leads the Building Learning Communities summer conference with world-class presenters and educators from more than 25 countries.

:: Alan November's speech at Innovate:

Access to timely information and communication tools can empower educators to focus on the individual learning needs of their students. These same tools can lead to a wealth of benefits, such as greater collegiality, stronger relationships, self-directed students, curriculum-aligned technology, authentic work, rigorous and motivating assignments, and the development of a strong learning community. Learn all about this potent new culture of empowered teaching and fearless learning.


Dr. David Conley

Dr. David Conley is Professor of Educational Policy and Leadership in the College of Education at the University of Oregon where directs the Center for Educational Policy Research.  He is the founder and president of EdImagine, an educational strategy consulting company. Additionally, he founded and served for 12 years as CEO of the Educational Policy Improvement Center, EPIC. He is currently also a Senior Fellow for Deeper Learning under the sponsorship of the Hewlett Foundation.

Dr. Conley is a national thought leader in several areas including college and career readiness, student ownership of learning, systems of assessment, and new models of educational accountability. He has conducted numerous research studies on what it takes for students to be ready to succeed in college and careers, and he writes extensively on this topic. He has published multiple articles and policy briefs as well as three books in this area, including most recently, Getting Ready for College, Careers, and the Common Core: What Every Educator Needs to Know.

He serves on many technical advisory groups and panels. He is currently a member of the Smarter Balanced Technical Advisory Committee and served on the Smarter Balanced Achievement Level Setting Advisory Panel. This test is administered in 15 U. S. states and was taken last year by 7,000,000 students. Previously, he co-chaired the Validation Committee for the Common Core State Standards.

He has designed several large-scale assessments systems. These include the Proficiency-based Admission Standards System (PASS); CampusReady and its postsecondary partner, the Conley Readiness Index (CRI); and ThinkReady, a measure of students’ key cognitive strategies. He has conducted major research studies of the SAT, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and the National Assessment of Educational Progress. He has served as a consultant to major testing companies including the College Board, ACT, ERB, and the Enrollment Management Association. His most recent publications focus on assessing “hard-to-measure” skills including learning strategies and metacognitive factors.

Before entering higher education in 1989, Dr. Conley spent 20 years in the public school system in a variety of roles including teacher and co-director of two public alternative schools, a site and central-office administrator, and an executive in a state education agency. He is a first-generation college attendee who received his AA from Cabrillo College, his BA from the University of California, Berkeley, and his MA and PhD from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He grew up on the central coast of California where he spent a great deal of time at the beach.

:: David Conley's speech at Innovate:

College and career readiness is far more complex and multidimensional than what it takes to get into college or get a job. Most schools focus on content knowledge acquisition as the holy grail of schooling. But what happens when students can learn much of what they need for college and careers outside of school, on the internet and elsewhere? What is the value added of schools? And what will colleges want to know about students in an era when college faculty are emphasizing a host of thinking skills that require content knowledge but go well beyond simply repeating facts? This session draws upon over 20 years of research on the topic of college and career readiness, and weaves in what we know today with what we will need to know and do tomorrow.

Dr. Mark David Milliron

Dr. Mark David Milliron is an award-winning leader, author, speaker, and consultant, who works with universities, community colleges, K-12 schools, foundations, corporations, associations, and government agencies across the country and around the world. He is Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer of Civitas Learning, a social-purpose corporation committed to using the best of data science and design thinking to help students learn well and finish strong on education pathways. Mark also serves as Executive Director of the Next-Gen Leadership Academy, a program dedicated to grounding rising educational leaders in the issues and innovations of the day, and the leadership skills necessary to help institutions thrive in dynamic times.

In previous roles, Mark served as the Deputy Director for Postsecondary Improvement with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; founding Chancellor of WGU Texas; Endowed Fellow and Director of the National Institute of Staff and Organizational Development at The University of Texas at Austin; Vice President for Education and Medical Practice with SAS; and President and CEO of the League for Innovation in the Community College.
He is a member of numerous boards and advisory groups, including the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP), the Global Online Academy, and the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME), the parent organization of OER Commons. Past board service includes the American Council on Education (ACE), Western Governors University (WGU), and the National Technical Institute for the Deaf.
In 1999, The University of Texas at Austin’s College of Education named Mark a Distinguished Graduate for his service to the education field. In 2007, the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) presented him with its prestigious National Leadership Award. In 2013 he was inducted into the United States Distance Learning Association’s (USDLA) Hall of Fame. And in 2016 he was chosen by the Chronicle of Higher Education as one of the “Top Technology Innovators” in higher education.
Regardless of all of his activities and accomplishments, he will quickly tell you that the most important job and the greatest blessing in his life is serving as Julia’s husband, and as father to Alexandra, Richard, Marcus, and Max.

:: Dr. Mark David Milliron's speech at Innovate:

The future is coming fast—faster than ever—and the world of education is working hard to keep up. In this presentation, we’ll dive into conversations on five vital focus areas that will help us get ready to help our students get ready for the challenges of today and the promise of tomorrow. We’ll explore (1) building out an integrated infrastructure that brings together the best of facilities, online and mobile tools, and augmented and virtual reality; (2) optimizing a learning mix that includes more fluid and increasingly digital curricular resources and strategies, including open education, accelerated learning, competency-based education, game-based learning, MOOCs, SMOCs, and more; (3) doubling down on the importance of psycho-social factors, including belongingness, purpose, mindsets, tenacity, grit, and social and emotional learning (SEL); (4) making the most of analytics platforms and apps powered by data science and design thinking to help us and our students learn well and finish strong; and (5) embracing the imperative to champion “tomorrow-ready learning” grounded in rich tradition, but tuned for the fast-moving dynamics of the road ahead.


Dr. Virginia Rojas

Dr. Rojas conducts professional training on effective programs and strategies for English learners from pre-school through grade 12 for ESL (EAL) and classroom teachers. She has worked with over 300 international schools on language education policies, programs, and professional development. Dr. Rojas specializes in developing academic English as an Additional Language (EAL) and in providing access for English-proficient bilinguals through differentiated instruction and progressive scaffolding. She provides professional development sessions, job-embedded coaching, demonstration lessons, and conducts linguistic audits of ESL/ EAL programs.

Dr. Rojas is a faculty member and author with ASCD ( and teaches EAL for Mainstream Teachers for the Teacher's Training Center in Miami or London ( Dr. Rojas was inducted into the AAIE (Association for Advancement of International Education) in February 2016 and will be retiring as of 2017. She will continue to work with the TTC EAL certificate on a part-time basis and has agreed to consult with selected schools and conferences.

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