Learning Communities

In addition to our Lower School assemblies, we have Learning Communities assemblies. Four different groupings of classes have been created consisting of one class from First to Fifth Grade and one or two classes from Pre-primary. The Learning Communities will meet in two different ways. The entire Learning Community will gather four times this academic year for assemblies. The purpose of the assembly is to create an environment for meaningful sharing of learning and community-building. When the Learning Communities meet, students will have opportunities to present information in a variety of ways and learn from each other. These smaller community environments will be less formal than whole-school assemblies and will have more opportunities for students to present. Below is the list of the communities with homeroom teacher names, along with our assembly dates. All assemblies start at 8:15 am.

Learning Community A

Learning Community B

PP) Ms. Bruna
PP) Ms. Cibele
1st) Ms. Burnquist
2nd) Mr. Tarigo
3rd) Ms. Kulikowsky
4th) Ms. Thibodeaux
5th) Ms. Sanchez
Portuguese) Dna. Rosana
Portuguese) Dna. Dani

Assembly Dates
Friday, September 15
Friday, November 10
Friday, March 9
Friday, April 27

PP) Ms. Fernanda
PP) Ms. Joyce
1st) Ms. Heineberg
2nd) Ms. Ziegert
3rd) Ms. Davis
4th) Ms. Arcenas
5th) Ms. Kitto
Portuguese) Dna. Sandra
Portuguese) Dna. Natalia

Assembly Dates
Friday, September 22

Friday, November 17
Friday, March 16
Friday, May 4

Learning Community C

Learning Community D

PP) Ms. Fernanda
PP) Ms. Phelane
1st) Ms. England
2nd) Ms. Mendonça
3rd) Mr. Barkdoll
4th) Mr. Hossack
5th) Ms. Patrick
Portuguese) Dna. Carla
Portuguese) Dna. Paula

Assembly Dates
Friday, September 29
Thursday, November 23
Friday, March 23
Friday, May 11

PP) Ms. Alex
1st) Ms. Keane 
2nd) Mr. Maykut
3rd) Mr. Rozentzvaig
4th) Ms. Gehrels
5th) Ms. Murphy
Portuguese) Dna. Mari
Portuguese) Dna. Luciana

Assembly Dates
Friday, October 6
Friday, December 1
Friday, April 13
Friday, May 25

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