Graded Beyond Boundaries
Posted 08/25/2020 07:00AM

The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has impacted approximately 47.8 million K-12 students in Brazil, 38.7 million of whom study at public schools. In March, the São Paulo state government announced school closures in response to the health crisis, impacting 3.5 million students in state schools and one million students in municipal institutions. Many of these students lack the necessary technological tools or parental support for distance learning.

Immediately after the announcement, members of the Graded Learning Lab discussed ways in which Graded could support public schools. The idea to establish Graded Beyond Boundaries, a Graded faculty-led initiative to offer assistance to public school educators with distance learning, was born. Following the local government's actions to increase internet accessibility to marginalized students, public educators solicited technical support from the Learning Lab to better understand the available technology tools and software available for distance learning.

From March to June, thirteen of Graded's faculty members provided more than 65 public school educators with twelve technical training sessions on online educational tools, including Google Classroom, Flipgrid, Zoom, EdPuzzle, Padlet, Screencastify, as well as the messaging platform WhatsApp. Graded faculty members also offered classroom observation opportunities and additional office hours during which they exchanged ideas and assisted teachers with lesson planning. Feedback has been extremely positive, and the Learning Lab will continue this partnership throughout the semester. 

To learn more about the Graded Beyond Boundaries Initiative or ways to support our partner schools, please contact Director of Analytics, Innovation, and Research Shauna Hobbs at


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