Renewing Curriculum: Enhancing Writing and Reading Through Portuguese and English Coursework
Posted 10/29/2018 11:00AM

by Richard Boerner, Superintendent

The cycle of renewing and updating a school’s curriculum is a process that all schools undergo. This valuable exercise is necessary in order to ensure that content is being effectively delivered and accurately assessed. At Graded, we are committed to this process. Currently, our talented faculty are engaging in a variety of curricular reviews throughout the school.

For the purpose of this article, I am proud to highlight our Portuguese Department and expose you to some truly transformative curricular review that is underway.

With the release of new Brazilian National Standards, Base Nacional Comum Curricular (BNCC), our Portuguese faculty, under the direction of the Teaching and Learning Department, immediately began to examine these new requirements in relation to our existing curriculum. They then shared them with our English Department, which adheres to American Education Reaches Out (AERO) Common Core standards.

This exciting collaboration between faculty members represents the first time during which our Portuguese and English Departments have reviewed each other’s curricula, comparing areas of focus in literature and writing. Interdepartmental conversations have become richer and deeper, as faculty have engaged with one another across language and content.

As faculty began to examine BNCC and AERO standards, they started to understand and articulate where the two sets of standards intersect. These similarities allow us to align K-12 curricula across multiple languages and national/international requirements.

"We are approaching this work from the perspective of skills,” asserts Lower School Portuguese Department Head Mari Formicola. “Doing this work emphasizes the student's educational experience in English and at the same time, enhancing an additional language. Doing this work is a focus on student learning."

As we complete the review of the AERO and BNCC standards, we are determining the common skills to be assessed in English and Portuguese coursework. This effort will allow us to gather and analyze data across disciplines to address student needs.

This collaboration between our Portuguese and English teachers is a powerful example of the way in which our faculty are changing, transforming, and improving their practice. Currently, a similar collaboration between our Brazilian Social Studies and Social Studies Departments is underway. I look forward to sharing their progress with you in the coming months.

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