The Graded Scholar Program

The Graded Scholar Program targets inequality by providing full-tuition scholarships to economically disadvantaged, highly gifted children, many of whom reside in the neighboring community of Paraisópolis.

Graded Scholars typically enter the school in sixth or seventh grade. Selected after having completed Graded’s intensive Outreach Program, these talented children enhance and diversify our student body.

We know that Scholars perform better at Graded when they are supported by a cohort of peers from similar backgrounds. This is one reason that we aspire to increase the number of entering Graded Scholars to four per year, raising our total program participation from 10 to 28.

It takes R$2.8 million to endow a scholarship in perpetuity. You can also “adopt” a Scholar for the duration of their time at Graded.

"I find my life replete with meaning, and my days filled with purpose, for you have equipped me with education, the only tool capable of rewriting one’s destiny and transforming one’s life. Now more than ever I feel hopeful for what lies ahead, for I know that nothing stands beyond my reach."
Alexandre M. Nascimento ’20
Graded Scholar

A Scholar Thanks Graded 
Video Production Manager
Communications Manager
Chief Strategic Communications and Advancement Officer
Senior Advancement Officer
Chief Development Officer
Development Manager
Senior Communications Officer
Centennial Celebration Project Senior Manager
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