The Graded Campus Project

In 2010, we began this visionary project by developing a master plan for Graded facilities in conjunction with H2L2, a company specializing in international school design. This plan was used by Zanettini, an award-winning São Paulo-based architecture firm, to develop detailed architectural specifications based on the overall master educational plan. In conjunction with Hochtief, one of the leading construction companies in Brazil, Graded established a strategically phased approach for implementation.

Phase I - In February 2014, Graded completed a full renovation of the Lower School Playgrounds and Gymnasiums.

Phase II - Inaugurated in March 2017, this project includes a new Main Entrance, Parking Garage, Student Center, Large Field, Small Field, Track, Beach Volleyball Court, Wellness Gymnasium, and Maintenance Building.

Phase III - A state-of-the-art Athletics Center is scheduled to open in February 2019.

Ongoing Phase IV - Graded’s Academic Infrastructure Modernization Project is a two-year endeavor which includes installation of air conditioning units in every classroom; improved outdoor lighting; new hallway flooring; concrete treatment of Lower School exterior; and remodeling of learning spaces and administrative offices.

Upcoming Phase V - A remodeled Dining Center.

Upcoming Phase VI - A renovated Auditorium.

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New Student Center

New Student Center

New Field

New Parking Garage

Rendering of upcoming Dining Center

Rendering of soon-to-be built Athletics Center

Rendering of soon-to-be built Swimming Pool

Rendering of soon-to-be built Tennis Courts

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