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More Than a Number
Posted 12/04/2019 10:00AM

I am pleased to share with you a series of interviews we conducted with members of the class of 2019. We spoke to seven Graded students at the end of their senior year, prior to their departure for university. Our goal was to capture their essence and learn from them, as they reflected upon their Graded experience.  

We have their standardized test scores recorded and grades calculated. But how do we reveal a student's true substance, as they prepare to embark upon a new chapter of their lives? Clearly, our students, like their counterparts around the world, are more than just a number or two.

As you listen to these students, you will gain an understanding of the powerful nature of the Graded experience. Some of our interviewees are "lifers." Others attended the school for just a few years. Yet, they share this impactful journey, which is Graded. This school has provided them with freedom, structure, license to fail, and space to succeed. It has nurtured their passions, producing accomplished athletes, actors, mathematicians, writers, musicians, and humanitarians. These students demonstrate the ability to reflect deeply and an understanding of the profound role Graded has played in shaping who they are and who they hope to become.

Our interviewees strongly exemplify the "Science of Learning" principles we espouse at Graded. They have learned to distill and synthesize information, think critically and creatively, and express themselves clearly. They will carry these deep-rooted skills with them well beyond high school graduation.  

Deep, enduring, and transferable learning is the true measure of a student's PK-12 academic experience and success. At Graded, we are committed to ensuring every student has the character and skills to learn how to learn, reason, and empathize. 

Happy holidays and enjoy this short film!

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