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Top 10 Reasons to Support the Graded Annual Fund
Posted 04/06/2017 12:00PM

  1. Because you want to support immediate initiatives that impact all Graded students by enhancing day-to-day learning and core programs.

  2. Because you want to help Graded attract and retain top-notch educators.


  1. Because foundations and major donors from whom Graded seeks support regard strong annual fund community participation as a prerequisite to their own giving.

  1. Because you want to help safeguard Graded’s reputation as a premier international school.

  1. Because every gift counts, no matter the size -- whether R$1 or R$10,000. 

  1. Because you care about the visiting authors, curricular enrichment, artists-in-residence, professional development, athletics, arts, scholarship support, campus improvements, and community service projects that the Graded Annual Fund supports.  


  1. Because parent and alumni annual fund participation is a standard measure of community commitment to a school’s mission.

  1. Because many small gifts add up to a large one.

  1. Because participation makes us stronger as a community. When we all contribute, we are filled with a sense of belonging.

  1. Because contributing to a meaningful mission makes you feel good.

And for Graded alumni, we have two more!


11. Because you want to ensure that today’s students have the same amazing Graded experience you enjoyed.

12. Because alumni participation is a way to give back, just as others did before you.


To contribute to the 2016-17 Graded Annual Fund, please click here.


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