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Brazilian Cultural Week: The Influence of Immigration in the Flavors and Rhythms of Brazil
Posted 09/28/2016 03:37PM

Brazilian Independence Day at Graded is associated with the celebration of Brazilian culture in a fun-loving way. On September 6, our PTA put together an amazing exhibit. It showcased the value of the multitude of stories and memories of those who came from different countries, bringing their cultures and their experiences to Brazil. The story of every immigrant and every refugee starts with leaving and loss; they search for a different life, and they bring hopes and dreams to a new land.

We were able to learn so much about the influences of many different cultures and languages in Brazil during that week. There are over 200 languages in this multicultural country. There are more than 180 indigenous languages, 2 sign languages (LIBRAS and Língua de Sinais Kaapor Brasileira), and more than 40 different languages from various parts of the world. Brazilian Portuguese is filled with words, rhythms, and flavors from different cultures.

Maya Angelou says, “... in diversity there is beauty and strength,” and what a great opportunity we all have to allow this diversity to enrich us.

During our Lower School assemblies, Grupo Parampará explored various rhythms and stories from different places around the world with audience participation.

In our Upper School assemblies, we showcased Yannick Delass and the group Les Serges. Yannick is a Congolese and Sao Tomean composer, singer, and guitarist who had the audience sing and harmonize with him in Lingala. Christof Hidalgo, Franck Oberson, Javier Ibanez, and Egimar Alves are part of the Les Serges band, which also had the audience singing and moving to an amazing beat, both in French and Creole.

The “Museu da Imigração do Estado de São Paulo” is a wonderful place to explore this theme even further. http://museudaimigracao.org.br/o-museu/sobre/

The following are links to the groups that presented at the assemblies:

Grupo Parampará http://www.grupopranayama.com.br/

Yannick Delass https://www.facebook.com/Yannick-delass-128037030693059/

Les Serges https://www.facebook.com/Les-Serges-159803014173728/

Opening our hearts and connecting to different cultures, languages, rhythms, and flavors allows us to realize that there are many people who wish for a more just and humane world. “We have the right to be equal whenever difference diminishes us, and we have the right to be different whenever equality de-characterizes us” (Boaventura de Sousa Santos).

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