Dear Graded community,

I am honored and humbled to be joining you as Graded’s new Superintendent.

After 23 years working as a superintendent, principal and teacher at both international and U.S. schools, what drew me to Graded was the strong sense of community that supports and sustains decades of academic excellence.  

I am thrilled to join a school that, since its founding in 1920, has promoted a culture of honoring its past, excelling in its present, and planning for its future. Graded’s long and proud history is well deserved and is supported by a visionary board, engaged and active leaders, and world-class educators.  

Throughout the world, Graded is known as one of the truly premier international schools. Recent accomplishments include an enhanced student-centered approach to learning that is supported by the Excellence in Teaching initiative, a strategic plan to sustain and improve our facilities through the Campus Project, and the introduction of the Graded Scholar Program that provides a world-class education to highly capable, economically-disadvantaged Brazilian students.

While our reputation is something to be undoubtedly proud of, we must challenge ourselves to grow beyond what we may consider capable and aspire to reach even new levels of excellence.  I am looking forward to leading this community in doing just that.  

I welcome you to join together with me as we work to help each child reach their true potential.  Together, I am confident we can heighten the level of excellence even further.  

As I begin my tenure, my family and I are excited to witness the Graded Experience in action. I look forward to listening and learning with parents and students alike. Undoubtedly, I am sure I will be standing alongside of you, watching them shine.

Richard Boerner

Av. Pres. Giovanni Gronchi 4710
São Paulo SP Brazil 05724-002
T: 55-11-3747-4800
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