Life at Graded

Graded Dining Service

At Graded, we are committed to the health and well-being of our entire school community. Graded's in-house dining service offers nutritious, home-cooked meals and food services to students, faculty, and staff every day. Wholesome, delicious lunches nourish our community, providing a backdrop for friendship and conversation.

Graded's dining staff of 26 is led by Executive Chef Renata Ribeiro Danziere. The team comprises a nutritionist, four cooks, two stockists, one dessert specialist, 16 assistants, and one intern. Several of these employees have worked in Graded's kitchen for more than 20 years!

Delicious daily meals cater to a variety of food tastes and dietary preferences, with vegetarian and vegan options available. Our lunch menu always includes a salad, at least one meat protein accompanied by non-meat proteins, a vegetarian main dish, rice and beans, a side dish (generally grilled or steamed vegetables), and fruit. Homemade desserts, such as passion fruit mousse or carrot cake, are served twice each week. We do not use refined sugar, additives, or preservatives in any of our meals.

In celebration of our multicultural community, Executive Chef Renata and her team often feature ethnic dishes. Taco Fridays bring a touch of Mexico to the Graded community, while the customary Wednesday feijoada offers a taste of Brazil. Other popular international dishes include Middle Eastern pumpkin kibbeh, Italian gnocchi and lasagna, Japanese yakisoba, and Cajun jambalaya.

In collaboration with Nutritionist Camila Germano, Executive Chef Renata meticulously plans our monthly menu, considering the nutritional needs of children and adults.

We believe that lunchtime at Graded should be healthy, enjoyable, sociable, and full of positive memories that will remain with our students long after they graduate.