Life at Graded

Performing Arts


Cultivating a passion for music and building musical literacy begins at Graded in K3. Our youngest students engage in singing, movement, listening, and games, and begin to experiment with simple instruments. The annual holiday concert provides many of them with their first performance experience. In upper school, students develop their musical skills in choir, orchestra, band, and guitar. These classes combine music theory and analysis, history, music reading, and playing fundamentals and techniques. Students perform throughout the year and travel to participate in international festivals.


Theater courses at Graded empower students to discover their voices by drawing from their own experiences and those of others. Middle schoolers establish a physical and verbal repertoire, gaining confidence and public speaking skills, while high school students delve into all aspects of stage production. All theater students participate in school musicals and plays, taking center stage or working behind the scenes on costume, set, lighting, and sound design to bring productions to life. High schoolers may enroll in IB SL/HL Theater Arts. Through research and critical analysis of different forms of theater across time, place, and culture, IB Theater Arts challenges students to develop their imaginative and technical abilities while deepening their understanding of the art form. Students create a portfolio, focusing on collaborative work in Year 1 and independent research in Year 2. Ultimately, they refine their skills as actors, directors, designers, and creators.