Life at Graded

Fine Arts

Graded visual arts students have the opportunity to explore a variety of media, including drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media, ceramics, sculpture, digital art, and photography. Projects develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The goal of Graded's Visual Arts Program is to instill confidence in students to express themselves through the creation of art.

Lower School

Students in pre-primary receive an introduction to artistic techniques while learning about the history of art. Working with various media, they begin to express ideas about themselves and the world around them through their work.  

In grades 1-5, students deepen their understanding of the seven elements of art—line, shape, value, color, texture, space, and form—through diverse techniques and student-centered projects. They investigate different genres and travel the world through art forms like Japanese printmaking and Mexican weaving. They learn how to combine elements to create successful visual images, and, finally, dive into art history through Greek art, pop art, modern art, and more.

Middle School

Middle school students can sample drawing, clay, digital art, design modeling, photography, or film through semester-long courses, which allow them to discover their passions, embrace new challenges, and nurture their creativity. At the conclusion of the class, they proudly showcase their artwork in the Lemann-Tully Arts Center.  

High School

Art challenges us to see the world differently—to reach beyond perceived boundaries and ask questions. The high school visual arts program offers a dynamic and enriching experience for students, encouraging them to perceive the world through a creative lens. Students experiment with diverse art forms in foundation courses and can choose to elevate their pursuits to an advanced level, specializing in photography, digital art,  film, or fine art. 

Students who elect photography learn fundamental concepts and advanced shooting and printing techniques. Working both in the darkroom and digitally, students build thematic portfolios. High schoolers who opt for courses within the Design and Technology Department explore digital photography, graphic design, video editing, and animation. Film offers opportunities for students to unleash their imagination, develop authentic perspectives, and acquire skills in writing, directing, editing, sound design, and cinematography. 

The Art Foundations, ceramics, and sculpture courses are open to anyone who wishes to try out different processes and materials. For aspiring artists who seek a more comprehensive and in-depth exploration, the IB SL/HL Visual Arts program develops technical proficiency while challenging creative limits. Culminating in an exhibition, students present selected pieces to demonstrate their mastery of visual communication, accompanied by their curatorial rationale. Through inquiry, investigation, reflection, and production, IB Visual Arts transforms students into critics, art-makers, and curators.