Renovate Graded's Lower School Gymnasium

Renovate Graded's Lower School Gymnasium by redirecting a percentage of your personal or corporate taxes through Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte, a federal tax law for the promotion of athletics.  

Graded has registered a Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte project.

The Brazilian Ministry of Sports has approved the first phase of Graded's project, registered under the number:

PROCESSO SLIE 1915674-00/ PROTOCOLO 71000050774201948

The project includes the renovation of Graded's  Lower School Gymnasium. Funds will cover expenses including retractable bleachers, "floating" wooden flooring, and new materials and equipment. The enhancement will also include tournament opportunities for São Paulo public school students. 

This is an exciting opportunity that will enhance the Lower School experience at NO EXPENSE to the taxpayer. 

CORPORATIONS may contribute by deducting up to 1% of their corporate taxes (Pessoa Jurídica).

INDIVIDUALS may contribute  by deducting up to 6% of their personal income tax (Pessoa Física).

Lower School Gymnasium Renderings

How to support the project

1. Email Graded's Chief Development Officer Tracy Harrison at to inform her of your intention to support the project, providing:


  • Donation amount
  • Deposit receipt
  • Full name
  • CPF
  • Full address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address


  • Donation amount
  • Deposit receipt
  • Corporate name
  • Trade name
  • CNPJ
  • Full address
  • Legal representative’s name, telephone number, and email address
  • Area responsible for the donation and its telephone number

2. Make a deposit into the Banco do Brasil bank account (supervised by the Brazilian Ministry of Sports) opened specifically for this initiative:

  • Banco do Brasil (001) 
  • Branch 4285 DV: 4 
  • Checking Account: 13503-8
  • PROCESSO SLIE 1915674-00/
    PROTOCOLO 71000050774201948

3. Graded will provide a receipt/proof of donation.

4. Both Graded and the individual/company will send the receipt to the Brazilian Receita Federal, where the donation will be registered formally and the amount discounted from the individual’s/company's income tax.

More Information

If you are interested in learning more about this exciting opportunity to further enhance our campus, please contact

Additionally, you can download the Frequently Asked Questions brochure for more detailed information.

First page of the PDF file: Graded-School_Lei-de-Incentivo-ao-Esporte-FAQ


As its very name suggests, the law Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte was created to encourage the practice of sports throughout Brazil.

The government will allow the redirection of taxes to fund projects registered under this law, as long as there is a valid community service component related to the promotion of athletic activities.

Graded will comply with this requirement through the creation and application of the Graded Eagles Care Program. Once the gymnasium renovation is complete, Graded will host ten Graded Eagles Care events for public school children.

Children will play sports (basketball, football, futsal, volleyball, and tennis) for a day and participate in activities in accordance with the United Nation's sustainable development goals (SDGs). Activities will be organized by Graded service learning clubs.