The President of the Graded PTA has the job of supervising and managing the Executive Board for the school year. The President shall preside at all PTA meetings; shall represent the PTA at all appropriate official Graded events; shall organize the agenda for each monthly PTA Board Meeting and the biannual General Meetings. The President will work closely with school administration to ensure parents issues and concerns are addressed. The President shall put the PTA calendar together with the school. The President will work with the Treasurer to monitor all operating expenses on all committees for the academic year. The President should check in with all committees to encourage events and keep them on track.

Vice President
The Vice President (VP) of the Graded PTA shall act as the assistant to the President. In the absence of the President, the VP shall perform all the duties of the President. The Vice President is responsible for the PTA Scholarship Award Program for Graduating Seniors. The Vice President shall be responsible for PTA Board appreciation lunch. The Vice President shall be the liaison between school reps and the executive board.

The Treasurer is responsible for all monies of the PTA. The Treasurer maintains and reconciles all bank accounts and pays all PTA bills promptly. The Treasurer presents a monthly financial report at every PTA Board Meeting and a comprehensive financial report at the General Membership Meetings twice a year. This position serves as the main contact for all PTA related financial items. The Treasurer should have knowledge of/or willingness to learn Excel.

The Secretary shall keep an accurate and permanent record of all Executive Board and General Membership meetings. A week before each meeting, the Secretary should send out an agenda and minutes from the previous session (for approval). All minutes should be made available on the PTA website.

Communications Representative
The Communications Chair is responsible for maintaining the PTA website, managing the mailbox, and is the key person for all emails sent out on behalf of the PTA. This position works in close collaboration with the School Communications and ICT departments. On a weekly basis, she/he organizes all PTA information to go out in different communications channels including School Gazette, PTA newsletter, and Facebook. This rep also helps with conference room reservations for PTA meetings and with posting PTA events in the school calendar.

Enrichment Chair
This rep is responsible for promoting lectures, workshops, and events that educate the Graded adult community to better support student's academic and emotional development.

School Division Representatives
The School Representatives are responsible for communication between the respective school and the PTA Board. 

1. Liaison between the school principals, community, and the PTA Board; 
2. Meet bi-monthly with administrators to discuss and identify needs or concerns that arise within your division;
3. Work with the community and administrators to generate ideas, organize, and advertise Parent Coffees/Socials/Workshops;
4. Ensure communication of school events to parents, students, faculty, and staff.

Logistics Committee
The Logistics Chair is responsible for keeping track and all PTA related materials and supplies. 

Key Responsibilities:
1. Keep an inventory of PTA supplies;
2. Ensure clean up, control, and proper storage of materials of both PTA room and Storage during the year;
3. Liaise with Events Chair for clean-up, return, and storage of all used materials.

Arts Committee
The Arts Chairs are responsible for fostering optimum parent, student, and faculty involvement in Graded's arts program. The Arts Rep serve as a liaison between the Arts Department and the PTA. They help promote arts activities, as well as facilitate resources when needed. 

Welcoming Committee
The Welcoming Chair is responsible for planning and organizing the PTA events that welcome new families and teachers to Graded. Traditionally, the events happen twice a year, in August and February.

Brazilian Independence Day Committee
The Brazilian Independence Day Chair is responsible for running and organizing the PTA Sete de Setembro festivities at Graded, in conjunction with the Brazilian Studies Department. This student-centered event helps promote and educate the community about Brazilian heritage and culture. 

Teacher Appreciation Committee
The Teacher Appreciation Chair is responsible for planning, organizing, and running all the activities of Graded's Teacher Appreciation Week. This teacher-centered event is to celebrate and thank our hard-working teachers. 

Thanksgiving Committee
The Thanksgiving Chairs are responsible for planning, organizing, and running all the activities related to Thanksgiving. This community-wide event includes a volunteer-led pie making day, a typical American Thanksgiving lunch, a bazaar, and entertainment. 

Festa dos Funcionários Committee - Staff Party
The Staff Appreciation Chair is responsible for planning, organizing, and running all the activities related to Staff Appreciation Party. Through this event, we show gratitude and recognize the efforts of our school workers, including kitchen, maintenance, security, gardeners, cleaning, and bus drivers.

Celebration of the World (COTW) Committee

COTW is an event that celebrates the diversity within the Graded Community including a variety of food and cultural showcases from around the world. The COTW Chairs are responsible for organizing raffle baskets, silent auctions, coordinating the participation of different countries, live entertainment, and an opening parade.

Festa Junina Committee
Festa Junina is a traditional Brazilian harvest feast that happens in May/June. This is a Lower School centered event that includes the organization of typical games, food, entertainment, and traditional square-dancing.