Assignment (with the projected amount of time that it will take for the student to complete)

IB Literature
Choose and read a book from THIS LIST and be prepared to discuss in August. Happy reading!

IB Language and Literature (HL and SL)
In order to prepare you for the level textual analysis required in junior year of IB, please do the following:

  1. Read 1 novel of choice from this list OR a different FICTION text from an author you enjoyed last year; this can include a collection of poetry or short stories.

  2. Read 1 nonfiction book of choice from this list OR a different NONFICTION text from an author you enjoyed last year.

Annotations are highly encouraged.

Time required: varies according to student’s reading pace and chosen texts.

IB Português Língua e Literatura I

Ler o texto e ouvir as músicas acerca do rap no Brasil, disponíveis no site:

IB Physics HL

View the following powerpoints and then answer the worksheets that are provided. Have these completed and ready to hand in on the first day of the next semester.

Link to 9.1 Powerpoint

Link to 9.1 Worksheet

Link to 9.2 Powerpoint

Link to 9.2 Worksheet

Link to 9.3 Powerpoint

Link to 9.3 Worksheet

Link to 9.4 Powerpoint

Link to 9.4 Worksheet

Link to 9.5 Powerpoint

Link to 9.5 Worksheet

IB Theatre Year 1

Watch & experience as many theatrical performances as possible. Minimum = 3 shows. Be ready to discuss the shows!

If you do not have access to live performances, you should log on to Digital Theatre Plus and watch 3 shows of your choice. Here is the LINK to the login information.