• All supplies should be labeled with student’s first and last name.
  • Each student should have enough supplies to last for the duration of the school year.
  • Only students enrolled in the native, or advanced level Portuguese should buy Portuguese books. Interview/testing for placement into a level of Portuguese will take place during New Student Orientation. These books and dictionaries can be bought locally after placement. 
  • We recommend that you purchase your books through Livro Fácil, our school book store. However, students can purchase their books on their own, except those units that provide multiple book choices.  Please pay careful attention to the ISBN Number to ensure you get the same copy/edition as all other students.

Supplies For Required Courses
Pencil sharpener
Post-it notes
Whiteboard marker
Cloth/eraser for whiteboard
Protractor (Math)
Compass- helpful, not required (Math)
Accordion Folder
Lock for locker
Water bottle

Notebooks and Paper:
1 lined composition notebook (Humanities)
1 notepad with lined paper (Science)
2 notebooks (Math, Science)
Graph paper (Math)

Technology required for all:
Laptop (see requirements)
Electrical adapters for laptop (New Brazilian outlet)
Charger to stay at school locker


Students must wear appropriate clothes for physical activities such as: t-shirt, tennis shoes, and socks, shorts or sweatpants/warm-ups. Jeans and cargos are not allowed.

Supplies Required for Elective Courses:

Academic Support:
1 simple folder that stays in the classroom

Band, Orchestra and Vocal Music:
Concert Clothes: white button-down shirt, black slacks, black socks and black dress shoes. (Orchestra: Tie for men)
A good quality microphone for recording band and Orchestra  assignments (the microphones built into Mac laptops are usually adequate).
Highly recommended, but not required: a folding music stand.

Art and Drawing:
1 sketchbook/1 eraser
2 pencils 2B and 1 pencil 6B


Quarter 1: Ties That Bind, Ties That Break, by Lensey Namioka (ISBN 978-0440-41599-2)

Quarter 2: 
Out of Bounds, by Beverly Naidoo  (ISBN 978-0-06-050801-2)

Quarter 3: 
Boys Without Names, by Kashmira Seth (ISBN 978-0-06-185762-1)

Quarter 4:
 In Quarter 4, students will read one of the novels below. Each student will choose their book in a conference with their teacher after completing the first 3 units of the year. Please DO NOT purchase this book ahead of time; it will be available at the on-campus bookstore, Livro Facil, for purchase at the beginning of Quarter 4.  We are providing this student choice to further differentiate student experience and expand upon the theme of inequality present throughout our year.  

Full Cicada, by Marilyn Hilton (ISBN 978-0147516015)
I Am Malala Young Reader's Edition, by Malala Yousafzai (ISBN 978-0316327916)
90 Miles to Havana, by Enrique Flores-Galbis (ISBN 978-1250005595)
Out of My Mind, by Sharon M. Draper (ISBN 978-1416971719)

Português e PLA 6:
O rapaz que não era de Liverpool, de Caio Riter (ISBN 978-85-4180-760-9) - VACATION READ
O menino que caiu no buraco de Ivan Jaf (ISBN 978-854-1817-48-6)
D. João Carioca de Lila Moritz Schwarcz e Spacca (ISBN 978-85-35911-20-6)

O livro selvagem de Juan Villoro (ISBN 978-85-359-1986-8)
*Poesia: Manoel de Barros - Vamos comprar exemplares para a sala de aula, os alunos não precisam ter os livros

Portuguese/English Dictionaries
 Portuguese Dictionaries
Minidicionario Houaiss Da Lingua Portuguesa - Adaptado A Reforma Ortografica or
Mini Aurelio Dicionario Da Lingua Portuguesa - Ed. Positivo - Livros Ed. Objetiva

Michaelis Dicionário Escolar Inglês/Português - Português/Inglês - Editora Melhoramentos or
Dicionário Larousse Mini - Inglês/Português - Português/Inglês - Editora Larousse do Brasil