Bring Your Own Device


These minimum requirements (see below) are designed to ensure students have a device, which enables them to fully participate in educational activities and be supported appropriately by teachers and technicians. Graded operates a multi-platform 1:1 environment. It should be noted that:

  • Currently, 80% of students use a Macbook Pro or Macbook Air.
  • Currently, teachers use a DELL PC, and the school infrastructure is based on a Microsoft platform.
  • iPads and Android tablets are fantastic devices with many educational applications. However, there are limitations that mean they are not suitable as a primary device in Graded’s educational setting. 
  • Students are welcome to bring a tablet, smartphone, or other digital devices in addition to their laptop.
  • Suggested (not required) laptop manufacturers and models available, and supported in Brazil.

Basic configuration requirements for devices:

  • Core i5 Processor.
  • Screen Size from 13” to 15”. Not bigger.
  • 4GB RAM.
  • Network Wireless Card B/G/N – Desired A/C.
  • Hard drive 250GB minimum.
  • International manufacturers (HP/Dell/Apple/Samsung/Sony).
  • Windows OS, Apple OS or Linux.
  • Battery Life: 3+ hours- an extra charge battery is desirable, but optional.  
  • Headphones/earphones.
  • Built-in or external microphone.
  • Built-in or external camera.


Laptop with Mac OS or Windows (English language only), and a physical keyboard suitable for touch-typing.
Platform must support Adobe Flash and editing of Google Docs. iPads and other tablet devices currently do not meet these requirements and are unsuitable as the student's primary device.

Power Cord

Students are required to have a power adapter during the school day for use in the class if their battery runs out. Power cords must match the new Brazilian regulation. Older power cords may require that students bring an adapter. 

Required software

  • Browsers: Latest English version of Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • Plugins: Latest versions of FlashJavaAcrobat PDF Reader 10 or above.
  • Antivirus (Free versions such as AVG or Avast are sufficient).
  • Students should have sufficient rights to update and install the appropriate software.