Thank you for your interest in the program. The Graded Scholar Program develops global leaders among economically-disadvantaged, talented Brazilian students by providing access to one of the premier international schools in the world.

We will be pleased to welcome candidates: 

  • enrolled in 4th grade in 2019
  • with an excellent academic profile
  • with good command of English (optional) and Portuguese
  • residing in the city of São Paulo, preferably near our school.

Candidates must correspond to the high academic demands of the school, add to the Graded community and have a family income of maximum 10 (ten) minimum Brazilian wages. Those selected will also be required to take tests, attend interviews and submit a list of documents.

Fabíola Oliveira
Graded Scholar Program Coordinator

The Screening Process

The Graded Scholar Program screening process has several screening steps briefly described below. The finalists are chosen in the end of the intensive English course called Outreach Program - which is also an opportunity for the candidates to know our community more closely. Thereupon, they become Graded Scholars (full scholarship).