WiFi Access on Campus 

For faculty, staff, and students: All devices (laptops, phones, tablets) may be connected to the 'Graded_School' network with the same username and password used to log in to Graded email (firstName.lastName or first_last for staff and faculty; gr999999 for students).

For parents and visitors: ICT is pleased to offer parents and visitors use of Graded_Visitor network throughout the campus. No login credentials are necessary.   As it is an open visitor network, it has a few limitations, but it should be enough for all common internet tasks, such as websites, email, social media, etc.   


It is the responsibility of all members of the Graded community to ensure the safety and security of personal and school equipment, the school network, and ultimately, our students. Please honor the LARK (Legal, Appropriate, Responsible, and Kind) guidelines when connecting to the Graded network and using its digital resources. Graded is not responsible for data loss (including but not limited to spyware and viruses, etc.), damage to, or theft of any equipment that is brought on campus.

Be aware that use of the Graded network is not anonymous.