Lending Guidelines for Graded Faculty

  • Beginning in August 2017, laptops and other equipment will be checked out from the ICT Office.
  • Faculty may borrow a maximum of 30 materials for one month.
  • Material may be renewed, on or before the due date, unless another patron has placed a hold on the resource.
  • Overdue notices are sent weekly. Notices are sent electronically by email.
  • At least two times per year, teachers will receive a list of all materials checked out in their names.
  • All patrons will be responsible for the replacement cost of lost or damaged material. Faculty are not charged for lost/damaged materials that were checked out for classroom use.
  • At the end of the academic school year, all patrons must clear their library accounts.
  • If a ‘lost’ item was paid for and is subsequently found and returned to the library in good condition during the same academic school year, the patron’s replacement money will be refunded.