Past Events

Alumni Career Panel

May 2021 - Every year, the Office of Institutional Advancement hosts a panel composed of young Graded alumni working in diverse industries. During Senior Week, alumni from across the globe discussed their career paths in fields including engineering, filmmaking, and finance with our graduating seniors.





Boston Reception

October 2019 - Graded alumni reunited in Boston and reminisced about their days at Graded. Here's to many more reunions!



Delray Beach Reunion 

July 2019 - Graded alumni of '69 gathered in Florida to celebrate a half-century of friendship and memories.



São Paulo Reception 

March 2019 - We had a wonderful alumni reception on campus last week. An evening with delicious food, tours of the new facilities, and much laughter!



Los Angeles Reception 

March 2019 - What an incredible evening! Graded Alumni Reception held on March 13, 2019.



San Francisco Reception 

March 2019 - What a fun night! Graded Alumni Reception held on March 11, 2019.




April 2018 - LikeMinds is a career-focused student project designed to inspire the Graded community. On April 6, CEO of Google Brazil and Graded Board member Fabio Coelho spoke to an audience of students, parents, alumni, faculty, and staff.

Thank you student leaders João A. S. and Joseph V. and Fabio Coelho for the very special evening.

You may watch the full presentation here:



Boston Reception

February 2018 Graded alumni met up in Boston’s South End to connect over food and drinks. They learned about Graded today and the school’s plans for the future. You can see the photos of this event here.



New York Reception

February 2018 Graded alumni of all generations gathered in NYC to reconnect, network, make new friends, and learn what’s happening on campus. You can see the photos of this event here.



Alumni Wine and Cheese Reception

June 2017 - Over one hundred alumni from several different classes reunited at Graded's Student Center for a fabulous evening of reminiscing accompanied by wine and cheese. You can see the photos of this event here.



Los Angeles Reception

May 2017 Amazing night in LA with Graded alumni and their partners at Osteria Mozzo! You can see the photos of this event here.



San Francisco Reception

February 2017 Graded alumni gathered and reminisced in San Francisco. Superintendent Rich Boerner and Chief Advancement Officer Susan Clain were delighted to have the opportunity to connect with such a great group of Bay Area alumni. You can see the photos of this event here.



Eleições Americanas e o Futuro dos EUA



Psiquiatria, Crianças e Adolescentes

See slideshow of lecture event "Psiquiatria, Crianças e Adolescentes at Casa do Saber >>



95 and Counting 

See 400 amazing photos from our Anniversary Event 96 and Counting >>



Quatro Famílias que Mudaram o Mundo 



Alumni Career Panels 

Graded hosted a series of Alumni Career Panels for our current high schoolers. They spanned four weeks and covered these major sectors: Business and Culinary Arts; Engineering and Design; Medicine and Entertainment; Law and Technology.

See slideshow >

from left to right: Taissa Calixto '95, Alexandra Forbes '91, Vanessa Kryss '91, Gabriela Gotthilf '02, Camila Horta '00 



Alumni Speaker SERIES: Brazil Post-Election Scenarios

See slideshow >

from left to right: João Hopp '81, Thomas Menezes '84, Norberto Ribeiro '83, Osnat Gruenewald '86, Renato Maluli '82