LARK Guidelines

The following LARK guidelines are designed to provide users with an ethical framework to use digital tools in a way that supports their learning.

Legal (Respect and protect intellectual properties)

  • Abide by copyright laws and "fair use" when using text, images, audio, or video, and give credit to all sources.
  • Use parenthetical citation and cite sources to create authentic work and avoid plagiarism.
  • Use Creative Commons licensed media instead of copyrighted media where possible.
  • Use only legally acquired software, music, and other media.
  • Get permission to record and publish images or video of others.
  • Use only accounts that have been created by you or for your use and follow the guidelines in the user agreement.

Appropriate (Digital footprint)

  • Access media that is focused on learning and is fitting for the academic environment.
  • Create content that demonstrates learning, and contributes positively to your digital footprint.
  • Communicate in collaborative online spaces in a way that represents yourself and the school in a positive manner and respects others.                         

Responsible (Protect yourself and others)

  • Use cell phones for educational purposes when requested by teachers.  
  • Keep personal accounts and passwords private and secure.
  • Share only personal information, images and materials that do not put you at risk.
  • Find an appropriate way to identify yourself, depending on the situation, when creating content, communicating, and collaborating.

Kind (Respect yourself and others)

  • Respect others when sharing and collaborating in online spaces using electronic devices, so as not to engage in bullying behavior.