Welcome to Graded!

We are a connected, engaged, and forward-thinking community of learners.

The Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) at Graded provides infrastructure and resources to fully support our community, promoting a culture of innovation, creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration on campus, in São Paulo, and around the world.

Our device-agnostic network operates seamlessly with any device, ensuring that all of our students, faculty, and staff can fully access and use Graded’s digital resources.

All classrooms are equipped with audio and visual presentation equipment, as well as wireless network connectivity, ensuring that face-to-face classroom activities may make use of the wide range of resources that make teaching and learning so rich and rewarding.

Google Apps is our primary collaboration platform both in and out of the classroom. It is seamlessly integrated with a variety of other tools, including our student information system, PowerSchool. This interoperability guarantees that students, teachers, and parents may engage at any time and from anywhere. Furthermore, our robust infrastructure ensures that all classroom activities are fully supported, whether in-person or online.

In addition to providing infrastructure, Graded's ICT Department supports teaching and learning and extracurricular activities with a variety of software and hardware. The resources available to the community include graphic and digital design tools, 3D printers, video, and audio recording systems, laser cutters, and publishing technologies. Through these tools, we seek to broaden and enrich our students’ experiences, foster intellectual curiosity and empower them in their learning. One-on-one support and formal professional development are critical components of our efforts to promote true distinction in teaching and learning.

The ICT team believes that providing high-quality tools and resources and timely support assures the success of every student, every heart, and every mind.

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The ICT Department



For assistance while in school,
dial ext. 767

For assistance while out of school,
dial 11 3747 4800 ext. 767
8:00 am - 5:00 pm 
Monday - Friday