Middle School

Welcome to the Graded Middle School!

With more than 300 students and 40 dedicated teachers, we are a bustling center of constant learning and growth. In our middle school, we understand the unique needs of young adolescents, and serve as the vital bridge between the lower and high school years.

During this transformative stage of their lives, our students are actively exploring their identities, gaining newfound independence, and embracing autonomy. Here at Graded, we provide a safe yet challenging environment to help them navigate these exciting and sometimes tumultuous waters. Our goal is to scaffold their experiences, ensuring they have the support and guidance they need to thrive.

As you walk through our halls, you will witness small groups collaborating on engaging projects, pushing themselves to reach new heights of self-improvement. From grappling with social justice issues in humanities class to expressing themselves through art or sharpening their logical thinking in math, our students are fully engaged in their learning journeys. We integrate technology seamlessly through our 1:1 Program, fostering creativity, innovation, and connected learning. While academics are a priority, we also offer a rich array of co-curricular activities in the arts, community service, and athletics. Our students can explore their passions and talents through various after-school opportunities, encouraging them to become engaged and ethical citizens. At the heart of our middle school experience is our daily Community Time. This dedicated period incorporates assembly, advisory sessions, and activities that foster connection, openness, inclusion, and communication skills. It allows our students to delve beyond the curriculum and explore their interests.

There is so much more we could share about our middle school, but we invite you to explore the Graded experience online. Through these windows into our warm and close-knit community, we hope you can envision yourself as a valued member of our school.

Welcome to Graded!

Rob Switzer
Middle School Principal

Middle School Student/Parent Handbook

Rob Switzer
Middle School Principal 

Sarah Parham
Middle School Associate Principal

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