Middle School

We are a vibrant community of learners of more than 300 students and 40 teachers. Our middle school meets the unique needs of young adolescents and serves as the fundamental bridge between the lower and high school. Students at this age are constantly reflecting on their identities as they explore newfound independence and autonomy. At Graded, we help our students navigate these exciting and tumultuous waters by scaffolding their experience in a safe yet challenging environment. Our teachers stimulate and captivate young people and preserve what Richard Feynman called "the pleasure of finding things out."

The middle school at Graded is a bustling center of constant learning. As you walk through our halls, you will see small groups collaborating on engaging projects and pushing themselves towards self-improvement. Whether it be wrestling with a question of social justice in a humanities class, trying to express themselves through art and clay, or pushing their logical thinking in math, our students are engaged. Technology, effectively integrated through our 1:1 Program, promotes creativity, innovation, and connected learning. We balance our academics with a rich abundance of co-curricular offerings in the arts, community service, and athletics. We also give our students a chance to be engaged, ethical citizens through our Model United Nations program and Destination Imagination.

Anchoring all of these opportunities is our daily Community Time, incorporating assembly, advisory, and activities that enable students to connect, develop openness and inclusion, grow as communicators, and explore interests beyond the curriculum. Of course, there is so much more to tell you about our middle school. As you explore the Graded Experience online, we hope you will find it to be windows into our warm, close-knit community – and see yourself here.

Welcome to Graded!

Dave Trajtenberg
Middle School Principal 

Middle School Student/Parent Handbook

Dave Trajtenberg
Middle School Principal 

Susan Butler
Middle School Associate Principal

Middle School Office 
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