Support Services

Student Support Services at Graded assist students in reaching their full developmental and academic potential by providing comprehensive programs addressing academic, personal, social, career, and further education. Each student's individual needs and learning styles are considered while acknowledging that children and adolescents learn at different rates and in different ways. Classroom teachers, English Language Learners (ELL) teachers, learning specialists, nurses, counselors, and division administrators work in a team alongside parents and students to design support plans for eligible students. Together, we provide a range of services to facilitate student success in the school’s core educational program in a caring, supportive environment.

Lower School Support Services

Bobbie Jo Olio
Kris Bezzerides

Optimal Learning
Jennifer Ribachonek
Carolina Valle
Vanessa Bosio
Marla Starr 
Patricia Purdie

English Language Learners
Betina Ting
Shane Casey
Sylvia Yamada
Eva Yates
Alex Hudson

Health and Nursing
Rita Oliveira
Daniela Almeida