Lower School Activities

The Graded Activities program offers its students the opportunity to participate in a wealth of activities that complement but are not part of the regular curriculum. Through the activities program, students can pursue an area of personal interest in a collaborative setting, while building intercultural competence and the opportunity to become engaged, ethical citizens. We believe that:

  • Activities are an integral part of Graded’s overall curricular program.
  • Every student should have the opportunity to become involved to some extent.
  • Sponsors and students should, at all levels, develop and exhibit accepted attitudes of cooperation, citizenship, good sportsmanship and dedication.

Some of the Lower School activities are listed below. Please refer to the Graded Lower School Activities Handbook for the most up-to-date activities list, as well as for details such as times, location, requirements, and the best ways to join. Keep in mind that activities may vary from semester to semester.