The Graded Campus Project

In 2010, Graded began this visionary project by developing a master plan for school facilities in conjunction with H2L2, a company specializing in international school design. Zanettini, an awarding-winning São Paulo-based architecture firm, used this plan to develop detailed architectural specifications based on the educational master plan. Then, in conjunction with HTB, Brazil’s leading construction company, Graded established a strategically phased approach for implementation. 

Phase I - In February 2014, Graded completed a full renovation of the Lower School Playgrounds and Gymnasiums. 

Phase II - Inaugurated in March 2017, this project included a new Main Entrance, Parking Garage, Student Center, Large Field, Small Field, Track, Beach Volleyball Court, Wellness Gymnasium, and Maintenance Building.

Phase III - A state-of-the-art Athletics Center, inaugurated in February 2019. 

Phase IV - Graded’s Academic Infrastructure Modernization Project is a multi-year endeavor to update and renovate school facilities. This phase included the new Upper School Library, Upper School Innovation Center, two new Lower School innovation spaces, Graded Greens, and The Learning Lab. 
Phase V - This phase includes a new a remodeled Dining Center and a renovated Auditorium.