Sustainability at Graded

Sustainability Statement

Graded's goal is to educate and actively engage members of our diverse and connected community to reduce their impact on the environment and develop lifelong sustainability practices. As a school, we understand that our institutional actions play a role in global environmental outcomes. We are committed to modeling practices on our campus that help foster a more sustainable future.


Graded has forged a partnership with firm Reconectta, a B-certified social enterprise, to help our school institutionalize our commitment to the environment and fulfill the moral imperative that we, as educators, have to promote a more equitable and sustainable society. 

Over the past several decades, social-environmental issues have been brought to the forefront of public awareness. We recognize the tremendous importance of sustainability education in schools. We believe that by immersing our students in current events, global movements, and socio-environmental challenges, we can help influence behavior and promote the importance of sustainability in their daily lives.

Reconectta's team of educators, environmental engineers, and biologists will work closely with Graded students, faculty, and staff to ensure the success of our sustainability-focused curriculum. Our initiatives will bring us closer to achieving the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of 17 global goals that identify priorities and recommend measures for the development of a better, more sustainable world by 2030. 

Graded will continue to explore innovative, collaborative ways to affect positive change and help improve our global environmental outlook.