Special Feature: Greats and Grands

The Graded Gazette

“When I was your age, I drew dinosaurs just like that, too,” reminisced one grandparent. “I spent my lunchtime swinging on monkey bars just like these,” recalled another.

Last month, almost 500 grandparents, other family members, and special friends joined our youngest learners for Greats and Grands. Taking their guests by the hand, lower school students eagerly presented their school.

As an inclusive, international community, Graded recognizes that not all lower school students have grandparents or family in the São Paulo area. The event provided students with the opportunity to bring in a special guest, such as an aunt, uncle, sibling, parent, close family friend, or Graded staff member, to spend the morning. Grandparents who were not able to attend were encouraged to send photos and letters to be shared with the class.

The day started in homeroom, where guests immersed themselves in morning classroom routines alongside students. Then, they enjoyed an hour of exploration, participating in fun activities spread across campus. Animated bingo games brought a competitive spirit to The Dona Emília Cafeteria; guests and students worked as teams to solve puzzles in the Innovation Studio; the Lower School Gym transformed into a playground of obstacles, sports, and games; and stories came to life through joyous read-alouds in the Lower School Library. Throughout the morning, families visited the photo stations in the Third Grade Courtyard, leaving with a keepsake to mark their time together. 

The Greats and Grands events bridged generational gaps, instilled student pride, and strengthened relationships. We hope to see grandparents and special guests back on campus soon!

Click here to see photos of Greats and Grands!