Graded's Four Pillars Series - Athletics: Cross Country Invitational

The Graded Gazette

Graded's Four Pillars—academics, arts, athletics, and service—serve as an educational framework and play a critical role in student character and skill development. In this issue of the Graded Gazette, we delve into athletics.

Graded Athletics boasts a diverse range of sports, including basketball, cheer, futsal, soccer, softball, swimming, volleyball, tennis, and track and field. Starting in lower school with PE classes and after-school activities, students explore a variety of sports. In middle school, they may join inclusive teams or selective JV teams, with the opportunity to begin interscholastic competitions. High school athletes further develop their skills as members of JV or varsity teams. Our athletes compete in various leagues and tournaments throughout the year, including Big 8, Little 10, São Paulo High School League (SPHL), and South American Activities Conference (SAAC).

Within our athletics community, we prioritize teamwork, school spirit, and the development of individual skills and self-esteem. At Graded, the focus isn't solely on winning or losing but on fostering positive attitudes, promoting respect for fair play, and nurturing a commitment to lifelong fitness.

The Graded Eagles Cross Country Invitational was an incredible display of sportsmanship and determination. Athletes from the International School of Curitiba (ISC), Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro (EARJ), and the Atletas do Futuro program joined Graded runners at Cemucam Park earlier in the semester for an exciting day of competition.

The invitational has been an upper school tradition since 2019. Middle school competitors tackled a three-kilometer course, while high school athletes completed a challenging five-kilometer run.

"Events like the Graded Eagles Cross Country Invitational help our student-athletes build invaluable life skills—perseverance, collaboration, time management, leadership, and goal-setting," said Director of Athletics and Activities Mark Jaspers. "Our athletes also forge friendships with peers from other schools and become part of a larger international community."