Congratulations, Class of 2024!

The Graded Gazette

On May 25, the Graded community celebrated as members of the class of 2024 crossed the stage and turned their tassels during a beautiful commencement ceremony, marking the end of their high school journey and the beginning of an exciting new chapter. Click here to see photos of the Commencement Ceremony, as well as the Bell Ceremony!

Each of the 110 seniors of the class of 2024 has obtained an American diploma. Impressively, 79 also earned the Brazilian diploma, and 81 completed the IB Diploma Program.

A testament to their exceptional abilities, our seniors have secured admissions to prestigious universities worldwide.

Beyond academics, the class of 2024 encourages their peers to follow their dreams, enjoy the present, and value their friendships, as stated in their legacy statement:

The class of 2024 wishes that you treasure your friendships above all else, for they sculpt your character, transform your outlook, and equip you for the journey ahead. We also remind you that doing your best might look different every day, and it is ok to feel lost sometimes. we ask you to adhere to four principles given freely from our hearts:

Don’t let shortcuts define you; life's true essence lies in the journey of learning from our mistakes without shortcuts.

Don’t let your mind stress too much about the future; take a moment to enjoy the present. 

Don’t let others' decisions influence you; only you know what's best for you.

Don’t let small moments define your bigger picture because picking yourself up builds who you are.

We end our legacy with a reminder that we are not just working and striving for our own benefit but for the collective benefit of all. In farewell, we invite you to dream boldly, act responsibly, challenge yourself, and, above all, be the lobster.

— Class of 2024