Alumni Spotlight: Patricia Correa '96

Fabio Carvalho

Patricia Correa '96, "Graded lifer" and daughter of a Graded alumna, is Google's global director of developer marketing. She and her team are in charge of empowering web developers worldwide to build successful businesses by providing unique content, channels, and initiatives that increase reach, retention, and revenue potential. Patricia has more than 20 years of marketing expertise and is particularly interested in the intersection between marketing and technology. 

In this month’s issue of the Graded Gazette, Patricia shares her favorite Graded memories and the influence Graded's multicultural environment has had on her career and life abroad. 

1. You are what we call a “Graded lifer,” having attended the school from pre-primary through graduation. Why did your parents decide to send you to Graded? 
My mom, Isabel, attended Graded, too. She is class of ‘68 (I think!) and had such an amazing experience at Graded that she wanted my sister, Stella (class of ‘00), and me to have the same opportunity. If I lived in Brazil, I would definitely want my son to attend Graded.

2. Fill in the blank. “I will always remember ____________” about Graded.
I have so many fond memories of Graded. Perhaps the most important is that of Big 4. I met my husband, Alan (Chapel, class of ‘93), at a Big 4 tournament that Graded hosted in 1992.  

Festa Junina in the old gym. Pictured left to right: Daryth D., Kavita R., Patricia C., Denise W., Patricia, Ckarmit G., Patricia A., Carla R., and Renato F.


Halloween parade, 4th grade, Mrs. Richter’s class.


Senior Prom, 1996. Pictured left to right: Fabio S., Jessica R., Patricia, Carla R., Vanessa S., Heloisa G., Priscila F., and Ckarmit G.


3. What extracurricular activities did you participate in at Graded?
I participated in the Senior Fashion Show and co-hosted the Senior Talent Show with Felipe Lemos. In addition, I performed in the Middle School Talent Show with Denise W., Patricia C., and Heloisa G. [photo below]. Overall, I engaged in arts-related events and activities.

Patricia C. '96 and Patricia in the Middle School Talent Show.


With Carla R. ‘96 walking by the Auditorium.


4. When and how did you decide to pursue a career in marketing and advertising?
When I graduated, I was looking for career opportunities that would allow me to explore my creative, artistic side. So I took vestibular exams for two separate institutions' marketing/advertising and architecture programs. I didn't expect to pass the vestibular right away, but I was accepted into both programs. Because the marketing/advertising results were announced first, I registered for that course. When I discovered I had also passed in architecture, I debated attending both universities, but common sense prevailed, and I stuck with marketing. I first considered becoming a creative director, but marketing strategy appealed more to me over time, bringing me to where I am today.

5. You’ve worked in marketing and business development roles at multiple companies and have been at Google for more than a decade. What have been your most important career milestones to date?
Growing up in a multicultural environment at Graded prepared me to work in different places like the United Kingdom, Brazil, and the United States. It provided me with a unique cultural foundation that has enriched my work. In 2006, ten years after graduating from Graded, I lived in London and felt stagnant, so I decided to pursue an MBA at Imperial College London. The program confirmed my passion for marketing and technology, which influenced my subsequent career choices.

6. How do you support young women in the workplace?
Google is incredibly committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. As a Latinx woman leader at Google, I devote my time to initiatives such as Women TechMakers, which encourages and inspires women to pursue careers in technology. I am also involved in other Google programs aimed at developing a more diverse group of company leaders.

7. Do you visit São Paulo often? What do you miss most about Brazil?
I used to visit São Paulo every couple of years. The last time I visited was in 2018. This pandemic has really thrown a wrench in our travel plans. I miss my family and friends very much, and it feels like there’s never enough time with them whenever I’m back. 

8. Do you remain in close contact with your friends from Graded?
Graded friends are friends for life. There are so many who I keep in touch with: Vanessa Sun '96, Carolina Scheinberg '97, Femke Van Heesbeen '96, Andrea Litto '94, Carla Regino '96, Patricia Carvalho '96, Paula Belliboni Wolf '93, Erika Bruning '93, Manuela Dal Borgo '00, Priscila Forbes '97, Denise Ascher '97, Ricky Monte '96, Lisa Shayo '97, and so many more. 


  Vanessa S. '96 and Patricia in San Francisco, 2016


  Ricky M. '96 and Patricia at Google during the annual developer conference, 2019.


  Lisa S. '97 and Patricia at Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA, 2018.


  Paula W. '93 and Patricia in California, 2014.


  Patricia with Erika B. '93 and Manuela D. '00 in London, 2019.


  Renata D. '97 visited Patricia at Google, 2019.


  Denise F. '97 and Patricia met for lunch in Atlanta, 2021.


  Patricia and her husband are pictured with Carol S. '97, her husband Paulo, and Priscila F. '97.