4th Grade Natural Disaster Articles

The Graded Gazette

This month, fourth-graders learned about natural disasters such as tsunamis, volcanoes, and earthquakes. Students were each tasked with researching a type of natural disaster. After becoming experts in a chosen catastrophic event, they created news stories to inform the Graded community what they had researched and how to stay safe. Subsequently, students will reflect on their learning and use design thinking to solve a problem to decrease their event's impact on humanity.

4A - Vanessa Carvalho

Alexia R. - The Monster Tsunami in 2004 
Alice B. - Understanding Dangerous Volcanoes 
Bruna B. - Massive Tsunamis 
Camelia B. - The Danger of Massive Tsunamis! 
Cora S. - Tsunamis 
David A. - Misfortune People Witness Tsunamis Come to Destroy! 
Ella B. - The Gigantic Tsunami In Indonesia 
Enrico A. - Our Rumbly Earth 
Injun Y. & Ana T. - The Dangers of Tsunamis - The Story of a Survival 
Joaquim S. - The Terror of Volcanoes 
Katalina G. - The Biggest Volcano Eruptions 
Lucy C. -  Here Comes the Tsunami! 
Luiza T. - The Massive Tsunami
Max B. - The Killer Wave
Mike E. - Biggest Volcanic Eruptions in Recorded History 
Nicolas M. - Tragic Volcanic Eruptions 
Nina L. - Killer Volcanoes 
Somin A. - The Mysterious Volcano 
Soraya K. - Tsunamis 
Thomas G. - All About Volcanoes

4B - Connie Hur

Alex Z. - The Science Behind Earthquakes 
Calvin G. - The Science Behind Earthquakes
Carolina M. - Tsunami 2004
Carolina T. - Extreme Weather: Tsunamis
Carolina V. - Earthquakes and Their Story
Catarina R. - Graded Gazette - Volcanoes, the Next Boom!
Eva C. - About Volcanoes
Gabriela T. - Volcano
Gustavo G. - The Types of Volcanoes
Heloisa C. - Pompeii
James M. - Health Threats of Volcanoes
Malu S. - Woah Tsunamis?
Martin A. - How to Survive a Tsunami!
Max B. - Earthquakes
Mikayla M. - Tsunamis and Their Steps
Nina B. - Myster of Volcanoes
Nina R. - The Story Behind Earthquakes
Pedro M. - Historic Tsunami
Sofia L. - The Mystery of Tectonic Plates
Viridiana C. & Jiin W. - Earthquake

4C - Shannon Keane

Alberto D. - Tsunamis
Ana Cecilia A. - Facts About Tsunamis
Catarina K. - A Shaking Ground
Emma (Eunjae) S. - “Kaboom!” The Eruption
Eunyu H. - Underwater Machine
Fabio T. - Earth’s Tremors and Quakes!
Heelim C. - Boom! Largest Eruption in the World!
Hyeyeon E. - Powerful Eruption!
João Pedro G. - The World's Largest Waves
Nicholas H. - Biggest Wash in the World!
Nina M. - The Danger of Earthquakes
Oscar L. - The Destructive Mountain
Patrick J. - Massive Big Waves
Ruth T. - Pee Pon Pee Pon Tsunami! Tsunami!
Santiago S. - Eruption!
Sofia Y. - Earthquakes Shake
Takahiro M. - Biggest Splashes on Earth! Tsunamis
Tomas L. - The Destructors
Xavier G. - Tsunamis: What Are They?
Yuya Y. - Earth's Big Shakes and Shivers

4D - Aaron Braszell

Augusto C. - Tsunamis!!!
Catarina T. - Natural Disaster News
Eduarda M. - Earthquakes - What Are They?
Helena C. - Earthquakes - What Are They?
Kiara H. - What Are Volcanoes?
Leo N. - What Is a Volcano?
Luciana A. - Volcanoes - What Are They?
Mila R. - Floods - What Are They?
Nina S. - Earthquakes - What Are They?
Peter T. - BOOM!
Ryder S. - Volcanoes - What Are They?
Siyeon J. - Tornadoes
Sofia S. - What Is an Earthquake?
Tiago B. - What Are Earthquakes?
Yubeen K. - Wildfires - What Are They?