When should I apply?

We accept applications one year before the date of entry. To begin the application process, please complete the pre-application form to create an account in our system; the supporting documents should be submitted by February 28th or, for applications made after the deadline, three weeks after submission.

How can I apply?

Families begin the application process by completing a pre-application to create an account in our system. You will then log into our admissions portal where you can complete your application and upload the required documents. If you are unable to apply online, please call the admissions office +55 11 3747-4800 ext. 500 for further instructions.

The application fee may be paid online through PayPal in Brazilian Reais or US dollars.

What is the minimum age?

Applicants for K3 must turn three years old by September 30th.

How can we arrange to see the school?

1. The school offers a number of Open House days during the year. You can sign up here.

2. The admissions office accepts appointments for small group tours, organized by grades of interest. These happen on most Monday and Friday mornings. More information is available on the visit page of the website.

Please note that appointments during school holidays are limited.

3. If you are visiting São Paulo on a “look and see” please click here to make an appointment.

Does Graded have a wait pool?

There are times when we do not have enough spaces to accommodate all qualified applicants. Qualified applicants will be offered a place in the wait pool and will be considered for admission if a space becomes available.

When offering places to students in the wait pool, the admissions committee considers a number of elements.

The pool is distinct from a list in that the candidates are not ordered by rank; all candidates are considered for spaces as it arrives regardless of when they entered the wait pool. 

What curriculum does the school offer?

Our school offers the Brazilian High School Diploma, the U.S. High School Diploma Program, and the International Baccalaureate Programme for those studying in the 11th and 12th grade.

You can find below the curriculum from Lower to High School:

Lower School

Montessori Pre-primary

The Pre-primary School embraces the Montessori educational philosophy. It rests on the fundamental idea that children have a natural curiosity and love for knowledge. The educator's task in the Pre-primary is to motivate these internal desires, supply the materials for the child's manipulation and discoveries, and assist the students in learning at their own pace. Self-discipline is acquired through absorption in meaningful activities. 

Additional information on Montessori education is available through the American Montessori Society where Graded holds an associate affiliation.  

Fine Arts
Language Arts

Physical Education and Health 
Physical Education and Health

World Languages
Other languages upon availability

Social Studies
Cultural studies




Middle School


Please note they may vary from semester to semester. Please consult the handbook for details

Academic Support
Academic Support 6-8         
English for Academic Purposes 6-8         

Beginning Band 
Junior Band      
Introduction to Graphic Design 
Introduction to Digital Video 
Desktop Publishing           
Digital Art           
Digital Video           
Acting and Improvisation           
Theater I           
Theater Production         
Beginning Orchestra     
Junior Orchestra Year
Art and Drawing                                                             
Art and Color
Art and Clay
Vocal Music

Brazilian Social Studies
Brazilian Social Studies 6, 7, 8

Geography 7
World Geography
Humanities 6, 7, 8
English 8  &  Social Studies 8

Build Your Own App: Introduction to Computer Science
Community Building
Creative Writing
Design and Modeling
Model United Nations
Reader’s Workshop
Service Learning
Solve it!
Step Up to the Stage

Math, 6, 7
Math 8 Standard/Extended

Physical and Health Education
Physical and Health Education 6, 7, 8

Science 6, 7, 8 

World Languages
Portuguese 6, 7, 8
Portuguese as an Additional Language (PAL) A, B, C, D
PAL Advanced 6, 7, 8 


High School

You can also find Graded's High School Profile here.


Please note they may vary from semester to semester. Please consult the handbook for details

Fine Arts
Senior Band 
Jazz Band    
Beginning Orchestra
High School Choir   
High School Honor Choir 
Digital Music Making      
Acting I/II                      
IB Theater Arts I SL/HL   
Art I                           
Ceramics & Sculpture I/II
Computer Graphic Design             
Photo I/II/III
Yearbook Design & Publication                           
IB Visual Arts SL/HL, I/II
Multimedia and The Art of Film                        
IB Film HL, I/II                                   

Language Arts and Literature 
English 9: Individuals and Society
English 10: Power - Race, Class and Gender
IB English: Language & Literature SL/HL, I/II
IB English: Literature SL/HL, I/II        
Writing for Expression         
Português 9                                                      
Português 10                                                         
IB Português: Língua e Literatura SL/HL, I/II 
Dissertação para vestibulares
IB Spanish: Lengua y Literatura SL/HL, I/II        

Integrated Math I Standard/Extended
Integrated Math II Pre-Studies           
Integrated Math II Standard/Extended             
IB Math Studies I        
IB Math Studies II          
IB Mathematics SL/HL, I/II   

Physical and Health Education
High School Health 9/10
Physical Education 9/10/11/12 

Biology and Life Science 9           
Integrated Science 10         
Human Anatomy and Physiology         
Introduction to Engineering Design
IB Biology SL/HL, I/II
IB Chemistry SL/HL, I/II    
IB Physics SL/HL, I/II                  

Social Studies
Social Studies  9/10
Introduction to Philosophy  
Positive Psychology and Character Strengths in the Classroom 
Brazilian History and Culture  
Brazilian Social Studies  9/10 
IB Brazilian Social Studies SL I/II
IB History SL/HL, I/II
IB Economics SL/HL I/II
IB Psychology SL/HL I/II 
Brasil: Questões Contemporâneas               

World Languages
Portuguese as an Additional Language (PAL) I/II/III/IV
PAL Advanced 9/10
IB Portuguese B SL/HL, I/II
Português: Língua B SL/HL, I/II
French as an Additional Language (FAL) I/II/III
IB French ab initio SL I/II
IB French B SL/HL, I/II
Spanish as an Additional Language (SAL) I/II/II
IB Spanish ab initio SL I/I
IB Spanish B SL/HL, I/II

IB Theory of Knowledge I/II 
Peer Group Connection           

Student Support
English for Academic Purposes I/II
Academic Support 9/10/11/12     
Independent Study Hall     

Does Graded offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses?

No, we don't. Graded offers the IB program instead.

Where do Graded teachers come from?

Our teachers come from a wide range of schools in the U.S. and around the world. They represent 14 different nationalities. Approximately 55% hold U.S. citizenship, and the average tenure is nine years.

Does Graded have after-school sports and activities?

Both Lower and Middle schools have extensive after-school programs; High School students can participate in a variety of after-school clubs. Students in Grade 7 and above can try out for sports teams that compete against other schools.

What are the school hours? What is your vacation schedule?

Lower School begins at 8:05 am and ends at 3:05 pm.
Middle School and High School begin at 8:10 am and end at 3:10 pm.
Students in K3 & K4 finish every day at 12:00 pm.

Professional Development happen every Wednesday, therefore students are dismissed at 2:30 pm.

Broadly speaking, we follow an American vacation schedule.

Who attends Graded?

Students from more than 37 countries attend Graded. While approximately 53% of our students are international, almost half of our students live in a family in which at least one member holds a non-US passport. Over one-third of our students hold citizenship from more than one country.

How many students attend Graded?

We have approximately 1,260 students in the Lower (K3-Grade 5), Middle (Grades 6-8) and High (Grades 9-12) schools.

What is the average length of stay?

The average time a student attends Graded is between three and five years. Some students attend only for a semester, and others are at Graded for 15 years (affectionately referred to as lifers).

Approximately 20% of our students leave at the end of each school year, and at the start of school each August, we welcome approximately 250 new students.

How does the school help with the transition of new students?

Because we welcome hundreds of new families every year, the administration, faculty, parents and students at Graded put a great deal of time, planning and thinking of ways we can help families to become a part of our community.

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) holds sessions that allow new families to meet each other and to connect with current Graded families; these sessions also introduce families to São Paulo life and explain how parents can become involved at school. Our guidance counselors and teachers prepare transition activities and events for new students and create opportunities for new and returning students to talk about their initial experiences at the School, from their anxieties and expectations to the things that surprised them.

At the beginning of the academic year, each division holds grade-based orientations that help new students become acquainted with their teachers and the school building. But arguably our greatest "transition team" is our student body, who naturally reach out to new students and make them feel welcome. Within only a week or two, new arrivals begin to feel like seasoned veterans.

How does the British system compares with the American?

Both systems have 13 years of education.

UK system starts with Year 1 and concludes at Year 13 = 13 years of Schooling.

US System starts with Kindergarten and concludes at Grade 12  Kindergarten + 12 Grades = 13 years of schooling.


US School Grades Compared to UK School Years


U.K. Year

U.S. Grade

 3 to 4 years



 4 to 5 years



 5 to 6 years

 Year 1 - Infants School (Primary)

 Kindergarten – Elementary School

 6 to 7 years

 Year 2

 1st Grade - Elementary School

 7 to 8 years

 Year 3 - Junior School (Primary)

 2nd Grade

 8 to 9 years

 Year 4

 3rd Grade

 9 to 10 years

 Year 5

 4th Grade

 10 to 11 years

 Year 6

 5th Grade

 11 to 12 years

 Year 7 - Secondary School

 6th Grade - Middle School

 12 to 13 years

 Year 8

 7th Grade

 13 to 14 years

 Year 9

 8th Grade

 14 to 15 years

 Year 10

 9th Grade (Freshman) 
 - High School

 15 to 16 years

 Year 11

 10th Grade (Sophomore)

 16 to 17 years

 Year 12 (6th Form)

 11th Grade (Junior)

 17 to 18 years

 Year 13 (6th Form)

 12th Grade (Senior)


Where do Graded families live?

Alta de Boa Vista / Chácara Flora
Moema / Vila Nova Conceição

We provide busing to all these areas. We have families living in other areas of São Paulo as well; if you are interested in residing in a particular area and would like to know if we bus there, please contact the admissions office.

Does Graded provide transportation service

We provide bus transportation for families living in many neighborhoods in São Paulo. The bus system is door-to-door on regular school hours (8:10 am & 3:15 pm). There are two late buses to accommodates Lower and Middle school after-school activities (4:15 pm) and most of our High School after-school activities (6:00 pm).

* Be advised that our bus service does not cover all areas in São Paulo. Please check with the transportation department if our routes include your address. 
+55 11 3747-4800 ext. 500 

Tracy Harrison
Director of Admissions

Diego Martins
Admissions Associate

Juliana Andrade
Admissions Secretary

Silvia Sapiense

Admissions Analyst 
Nathalia Sacks
Admissions Assistant

Fabiola Oliveira
Graded Scholar Program Coordinator

Av. José Galante, 425
São Paulo, SP - Brazil - 05642-000
T: 55-11-3747-4800
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