Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Graded have a fundraising program?

Like most premier independent schools, Graded relies upon philanthropic contributions to supplement tuition revenue. As part of a long-term strategic plan, Graded must now attract new financial resources - other than just tuition - to maintain its reputation as an educational leader, enhance programs and grow. New funds must come from creating a sustainable fundraising program that engages all stakeholders - alumni, current and past parents, corporate partners and friends - each year through the Graded Annual Fund and long-term and transformative gifts as part of Leadership Giving.

Doesn’t the entrance fee cover school improvements?

The entrance fee is directed towards a school capital fund which covers facility improvements and technology advancements at Graded. Each year, the school spends approximately 40% of its capital funds towards these projects. At the present time, the school has nearly R$24 million in the capital fund, and the Board has allocated 50% or R$12 million to be used towards the first phase of the facility renovation and expansion project. Eventually, as part of the long-term strategic plan for the school, Graded will spend down the majority of its capital fund but will still need to raise substantial additional funds for campus renovations and expansion, scholarship, and professional development endowments.

How does The Graded Fund work?

Each year, The Graded Annual Fund will raise gifts from October to May to support the enhancement of priority projects not covered by tuition income. During this time, the Graded community will be asked to make a gift at any level directed towards a specific project or as non-restricted. Priority projects could include special art performances and events, scholarship student support, community service activities, athletics equipment and uniforms, and teacher training. Gifts will immediately impact the school each year, and donors will be recognized on the web-site, and in publications as well as receive a full report at the end of the year on how funds were spent. In addition, donors who give R$1000 and above will be invited to an end-of-the-year cocktail party. Gifts can be made in five installments from October to May.

I am interested in making a Leadership Gift. How does this work, and whom should I contact?

Leadership gifts start at R$100,000 and fund projects that impact the long-term vision of Graded and invest in its future. Leadership gifts fund campus renovation and expansion, and strengthen scholarship and professional development endowments. Gifts include naming opportunities, special recognition and donors will receive invitations to events throughout the year. Gifts can be made over a three-year period. Please contact Susan Clain, Chief Development Officer, at 3747-4800 ext. 139 for more information on leadership giving.

How will this fundraising effort affect PTA and community service fundraising?

The Development Office looks forward to collaborating with the PTA and Community Service Program to ensure that each group reaches its goals and avoids duplication of efforts. Specifically, The PTA will continue to accept in-kind, individual and corporate donations for important community-building events that include Thanksgiving, Celebration of the World and Festa Junina. In addition, the Community Service Program will continue to accept in-kind, individual and corporate donations fundraising events that include Zombie Zoo twice a year, Halloween Benefit Bash, Fashion for Humanity, and Run for Humanity. It is important to note that the school budget supports materials and travel costs for the Community Service Program. The above fundraising events support additional student activities. The Graded Annual Fund gifts directed towards the Community Service Program support larger priority projects, such as the construction of the Ilha do Cardoso community center.

I am leaving Graded at the end of the year. Why should I make a gift?

Even if you are leaving the school at the end of the year, all gifts made towards The Graded Annual Fund will impact students during that school year. In addition, if you would like to make a leadership gift, it is important to know that your support will invest in the future of the school and be an opportunity to leave behind a legacy - impacting future generations and preserving your special memories.

How can I make a gift?

Donations can be made by money transfer, check or credit card. More information can be found on making a Gift. If you are interested in receiving a tax deduction in the US, you may want to consider directing your gift to Sao Paulo Education Foundation, a 501c3 whose unrestricted funds support its mission to prepare students from São Paulo to study at American schools and universities. The São Paulo Education Foundation Board of Directors will review all grants to ensure that funds are being used in furtherance of their mission.

Pictured from left to right: Luiz Galeazzi, Board Treasurer; Paige Geiger, Board Memberp; Rodolfo Protasio, Board Member; Ricardo Zuniga, US Consul General; Roberto Sallouti, President of the Board; US Ambassador Liliana Ayalde; Dan Parke, former Board Member; Richard Boerner, Superintendent; Ana Cabral, Board Member; Carlos Hitoshi, Board Member; Renato Ochman, Chair of the Centennial Campaign Executive Committee

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