IB Visual Art HL
DAR (4 drawings completed). Time depends on what students will have already accomplished prior: (5 to 10 hours)

Literature HL/SL
Read In the Name of the Rose (4 hours)

Language & Literature
- Re-read and annotate The God of Small Things (Holloran) (4 hours)
- Finish Written Task 1 (Lang and Identity and Lang and Power (Holloran) (2 hours)

Lang & Lit HL (Davenport)
Read How To Read Literature Like A Professor
Complete graphic organizer (6 hours)

IB HL Physics
Complete sheets on the class website after watching the following videos

IB Film HL
Watch either a FOREIGN or OLD (up to 1980) short film of choice, and use Film Under The Knife document as the basis for analysis. To be turned in on the first class of the second semester. Mark will be given according to this rubric.

IB Theatre HL & SL (Grimes)
Watch at least two shows from Digital Theatre Plus (or live)
1) Complete a detailed analysis for one of the shows
2) For the other class, create a visual representation of one scene (Set design) or one character (Costume design)

IB Portuguese A L&L HL
Responder as perguntas da Atividade Somativa - Mensagem, de Fernando Pessoa - Mar Português (compartilhada via Dashboard)

IB History HL 
Reading: Exploration of effects of WWI on Civilians
Task: Take home paper 2 essay.

IB Economics (HL)
Internal Assessment Worksheet