Português 6 e PAL Adv 6
Leitura do livro O rapaz que não era de Liverpool, de Caio Riter

Dear 6th Graders:

We are pleased to welcome you to 6th grade Humanities in August!  This vacation, we would like to encourage you to read, read, read over the holiday break.  Your assignment for Humanities is to read the short story, “The American Slurp,” by Lensey Namioka.  Here is a LINK to the story online in .pdf format. We will be discussing this story in the first weeks of school.

Of course, we hope you are reading books over the break at your independent reading level, which means that they are not too easy, nor are they too hard for you.  They can be either fiction or nonfiction texts.  Happy reading!

Please email yarrow.ulehman@graded.br, rachel.pregont@graded.br, or debby.macek@graded.br if you have questions. 

We look forward to meeting you and discussing your reading soon,

Ms. Ulehman
Ms. Pregont
Mrs. Macek

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