Assignments should be completed before High School and Middle School classes start - Thursday, August 3, 2017

Lower School

Lower School (grades P - 5) students do not have vacation assignments. 

High School

  • All work must be in agreement with Graded’s Homework Policy (See Student Handbook)
  • Since homework is designed to “assist students in consolidating their ideas and prepare them to participating in class at a more meaningful level”, There should not be graded summative assessments immediately upon return to class.
  • Our belief that reading is important for language development means that vacation reading assignments  in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French classes is acceptable. Preferably students will have some choice and no assignment. (possibly chosen from a reading list)
  • The IB HL and 1 year SL courses require additional work outside of the normal school year so these classes may require work during the vacation.
  • New students have a minimum of 2 weeks to complete the vacation assignments.
  • The total amount of time students spend on homework for any one course should be reasonable. Please consider that the student may have other assignments.
  • Students are expected to complete work in some classes during each long holiday. Specific questions about the assignments can be directed to the teacher or department head.