Graded’s phone system is a fully virtualized IP phone system from Unify. We have over 300 operational extensions on our campus. Click here for Graded's complete phone extension directory.

Below are some instructions on using the phone system.

- Making calls

Internal calls (extensions): Dial the 3-digit extension.

Outgoing Local Calls: Dial 0 for external line - the tone will change to a continuous tone after dialing zero - then, dial the number. For landlines, the message ‘DDR’ will show right after you finish dialing, indicating the start of the call. Press ‘OK’ after dialing the number to start the call.

For mobile numbers, it will dial automatically, but it takes a few seconds.

Long Distance Calls Within Brazil*:

To dial a cell phone within Brazil:
Dial 0 for an outside line, then the carrier code, followed by the number. Our carrier code is 015.  For example, if you are calling someone’s cell phone in Rio, you would dial 0+[015]+[21]+[91234-5678]. The “9” is always required.  

To dial a landline within Brazil:
Dial 0 for an outside line, then the carrier code, followed by the number. Our carrier code is 015. For example, if you are calling someone’s landline in Brasilia, you would dial 0+[015]+[61]+[1234-5678].

International calls*:

For international calls, add an extra ‘0’ before the carrier code (same as above, code-015). For example, if you are calling a number in the USA, you would dial: 0+0+[015]+[999]+[999-9999].

* The telephone system generates a report for all long distance calls within Brazil and international calls for each extension on a regular basis. If there are long distance or international calls made from your extension, you will receive a copy of the report.  Instructions are included on how to pay for personal calls.

Skype can also be used instead of using the school’s landlines. 

Using the Basic Features on Your Desk Phone

Transferring Calls
When receiving or making a call:

  1. With the arrow key, select the option “start transfer”;

  2. Dial the extension or the external number (0+number);

  3. When ringing, select transfer and press “OK.”

Missed Calls

  1. For OS20 (small display device), Press the down arrow key. For OS40 (big display device), press right arrow key;

  2. Select option “caller list”;

  3. Browse through the list and press “OK” button to call back.


  1. Dial 779 to access the voicemail server;

  2. Press # to access your voicemail;

  3. Enter your password. The default password is 000000 (six zeros). In your first access, you will be asked to change your password.

A complete manual with phone system instructions can be found here.