How to print via the web:
Note: Google documents need to be downloaded as a .pdf 

1. Use the new URL: or the Print button in the Community Login. (Bookmark this link!)

2. Log in with your username and password

3. Upload the file to be printed

4. Select printer: B/W or color

5. For more options: select Set Options

6. Select Preview. Your document must be visible in preview before it  prints.

 7. Select Print. This will send the print job to the printer server "in the cloud", where it will stay for 24 hours, and can be collected from any printer in the school.

How to collect a print job:
1. Locate a printer on campus. There is one on each floor in each wing.

2. Log in with your ID number and password (your GR number without the "gr")

3. In the main printer menu, you will be able to select jobs you'd like to print or delete ones you no longer need. 

Remember: think before your print!